Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: L. O. V. E.

 Another weekend; another beautiful wedding!

The wedding that blessed us this week was in our own little country church.  It was positively magical!  The sanctuary was filled with the sweet perfume of many, many red roses.  They adorned the altar, the pews, and the bouquets of the attendants.  It was exquisite.

Kristi, the bride grew up in our church.  Her parents are people we admire greatly and the bride's mother, LeAnn, looked totally stunning in her long black formal gown.  Dean, Krisi's father, cleaned up pretty well, himself!  These are people of humor and good will and it was clear for all to see that they feel very close to the new groom and his family.  Everyone was enjoying the ceremony and the camaraderie of the momentous occasion in family life and in the life of our tiny church.

The groom appears to be gregarious as his new father in law.  His mother looks so youthful and beautiful that I thought when I first saw her that she must be one of the bridesmaids!  She also wore a chic long, formal black gown.

We were seated in the overflow room.  Our sanctuary is quite modestly sized and the time of our arrival meant that we were designated to this area.  It was really a blessing: from where I sat I could see the whole wedding party and even the well behaved and tiny little ring bearer and flower girl as they watched their aunt marry their new uncle.

The attendants were splendorous!  Gorgeous young women with long black dresses, piles of curled tresses, red rose bouquets and walking down the aisle on the arms of handsome groomsmen made the affair seem like a fairy tale come true. 

As the Father of the Bride prepared to walk his daughter to the altar the two of them giggled and seemed relaxed and so very happy.  It made my heart go pitty-pat.

The Normanator and I held hands while the short sermonette our pastor delivered.  It is no secret that the father of the bride has no patience with long sermons so it was mentioned that the remarks for the new couple would be short enough to satisfy Dean!  The congregation murmured their amusement at this point.

Pastor Kathy had this advice for the couple:
L  is for LAUGHTER, which really helps diffuse troubled areas during marital disagreements.
O is for keeping an OPEN HEART; being helpful and respectful to one another
V stands for VALIDATION and this will be useful in keeping the marriage fresh.
E means that one should ENCOURAGE the other daily to maintain a healthy wedded state.
Of course, everyone knows that LOVE makes the world go round.  This couple will, like all couples hit speed bumps along the road of their married life, but  by following this little anagram they can minimize the discomfort those bumps might cause.
Following this lovely ceremony there was a LOT of hugging, kissing, laughter and conversation.  The newly married couple ushered the guests from the pews and as people left the sanctuary and the building the wedding party and other guests boarded a large chartered bus.  They were bound for the wedding reception at party central, an hour's drive from the little country church.
The aroma of those roses stayed behind.  Our sanctuary will be so beautiful for Sunday's service! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Adam McGuire!  And CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage!  We were so honored to be included in the guest list.  Thank you!
It's quite possible that some of the guests who witnessed this marriage do not have the sense of peace and joy we saw first hand at this union.  Those would be the people we hope and pray will find The Healing Codes.  Energy Medicine is a powerful and effective way to create the kind of magic in life we desire and deserve.  
If you know anyone who is in ill health, who has lost the joy in their life, who has no peace...please tell them about The Healing Codes.  All they need to do for information is to CLICK HERE.

Connie Baum
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: On Being Healthy in Prison

Earlier this week it was my great pleasure to speak to a group of incarcerated men who were eager to hear about being as well as possible under less than ideal conditions.  The presentation covered the use of color as a way of being more comfortable; we discussed Homeopathy at some length.  The men were delighted to learn all they could and asked questions that indicated to their presenter that they were GETTING the whole concept of Energy Medicine.  Of course, that delighted your humble blogger's heart.

They paid strict attention and made copious notes on their handouts when the topic of The Healing Codes was covered.  Those who attend the 7th Step Club meeting were eager to report their amazing results.  I got the feeling that while they were initially skeptical, they were game to make the effort to see how it might work for them.  Guys enthusiastically told me they helped ease headaches, induced sleep, ameliorated discomfort and diminished stress.  They were pleased to make these reports; it was exhilarating to have them put their new found lessons into practice and experience such immediate and wonderful results!

Some of these fellows have relationships to repair.  They may have some forgiving to do. It's possible they need to ask for forgiveness.  Their bodies may ache as much as their hearts and minds.  They all yearn for peace and joyThe Healing Codes can help them greatly in this regard, for the HEART is the image maker-it sends pictures to the BRAIN.  When the pictures-truth with love-are recognized in our lives we can achieve peace and joy.   Even people who are denied freedom in society can improve the quality of their lives by performing the simple protocol of Energy Medicine as practiced with The Healing Codes!

Do YOU have a relationship that could use improvement?  Do YOU have some forgiveness issues in YOUR life?  Does YOUR body feel the way YOU would like it to feel?  What pictures does YOUR brain hold?  Truths?  Lies?  Maybe YOU could benefit from this simple protocol.  This is where you click to get more information.

Please is very short!
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Weddings Can Be SO Wonderful!

Never mind that we were sleep deprived.  Never mind that the wedding invitation called us to drive for three hours one way.  Never mind that we had other things going on in our lives...we had been invited to the wedding of the daughter of a precious family friend.  AND WE WERE THRILLED!

We fell in love with the Tom and Trudy Best family when we attended church as newlyweds.  The little family took up space in "their" pew and as the children grew, part of the family moved one pew back.  If the Best family was not present, we almost could not have church.
Then one summer Trudy was summoned to help with church camp for kids and her life has never been the same!  She invited The Normanator and me to share in the experience and now our lives have been changed forever, too.  

SIDEBAR:  See how this works?  Very well.  END SIDEBAR.

With this back story in mind you have some idea of the kinds of activities that drew us so close we feel like family.  When the invitation came that Hailee was to marry Brent, the calendar was marked and plans were made.

It was such a lovely wedding.  It was held in the same church where The Normanator and I "got married with each other" as our kids remind us.  There were lanterns and ivy vines and candles and people dressed to the nines, all ready for this wonderful event.

We met the groom just prior to the ceremony.  These are college kids so we only knew this man by his sterling reputation.  NO ONE TOLD ME BRENT LOOKS LIKE A MOVIE STAR.  He gives the 'tall, dark and handsome' description a whole new dimension!  And you know that his bride looked like a Fairy Princess with her long blond curls piled high to show off her flawless face.  Her long ecru dress was lace, her veil was lace, and there were stars in the eyes of both the bride and the groom!

Attendants and groomsmen were splendorous in their finery; the ring bearers and flower girls were miniatures of their adult wedding party people.  As I looked at the group at the front of the church, I was pretty sure they all had been sprinkled with Fairy Dust...

The minister, Rev. Lonnie Logan, married this precious new couple, just as he had married us a decade and a half ago.  He offered them sage words of wisdom sprinkled with humor about being married and the congregation murmured their amusement and agreement.  As the ceremony ended the crowd waved and cheered as the happy couple were chauffeured in a bright red convertible.

When we all gathered for the dinner reception it was like Old Home Week in a Grand Hall.  We reaped a rich harvest of hugs and kisses from people from our former church family; we caught up on all their news and we enjoyed sharing a sumptuous meal with people we love.
Love really DOES make the world go round.

Love is the basis for the success of The Healing Codes.  If you are not experiencing the level of love you would like to have you might like to look into The Healing Codes and see how you might improve the quality of YOUR life.   Hurry!  Life is so short!

Oh, by the way, the Father of the Bride was still awake and alert after the shock of giving away his #1 daughter.  The Mother of the Bride was letting everyone know that the creative table decor was simply the fruits of an unemployed mom!  She will be much more accessible now that the wedding plans have been fulfilled.  grin

SIDEBAR:  Is it any wonder we love these people so?  END SIDEBAR.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Play Date?

Who can resist play?

Not I.  When Lacey mentioned coming by for "girl stuff" I could not resist that, either.  So we set up a play date for the two of us.

When I was a little girl my aunt would mess with my hair, paint my fingernails and try out her new shades of lipstick on me.  She was practicing her own beauty regimens and setting me up for my future as an all-girl girl.  It must have worked, for I adore all things girl: clothes, make up, hair clips, and, of course, shoes and handbags.

Lacey also loves all things girl:  Pink, sparkles, cosmetics, clothes...

Lacey has a grandmother who is a whiz when it comes to baking.  I'm no baker.

Lacey's mom is a genius when it comes to all things domestic.  I'm no domestic goddess.

So what would draw Lacey to hang out with a kid who has been 33 so many times?  It beats me.  Maybe it's my corny jokes?  Maybe it's my collection of paper dolls?  Maybe she just likes coming in to town from her country home for a change of scenery.  It might be that I do not require her to take out the trash.

In any case, Lacey and I are buds and I adore her.  We are friends on FaceBook; we hug hello at church; and I am her biggest fan.  Not everyone on planet earth has such a rich, rewarding relationship with a young person who is unrelated.

Maybe The Healing Codes protocol has been instrumental in nourishing the relationship Lacey and I have.  Lacey and I are blessed to enjoy peace, joy, truth, and love.  

What could be better?

If you are not feeling the peace, joy, truth or love in your life that you crave, please visit The Healing Codes NOW.  Just click on these words.

Connie Baum
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: The Healing Codes Really Heal!

It's raining leaves in our yard today.  The sun is brilliant, the air is warm and still and it is the sort of fall day in which a person just luxuriates!

There was lavender tea in the hot pot so I poured some into my bright red cup that says, "Healthy Coffee" and carried it to the front yard.  I settled in to my favorite lawn chair, watched the squirrels scamper up and down the maple trees and scold me for being there.  Several ladybugs flew to greet me and a number of automobiles drove by.  The drivers all waved hello.  The sun warmed me and I felt utter peace and total joy.

As I do each day, several times a day, I performed The Healing Codes in the comfort of my own surroundings.  I'm really "pouring on the coals" now, for I have an appointment to see the cardiologist next week and he will be so unhappy when he finds out Mother Connie has rejected his pills in favor of more magnesium, more baking soda, more sleep, and even more of The Healing Codes!

The Normanator joined me for tea and conversation.  It's precious, ordinary times like these we will cherish more and more as we age, so I lingered in the sunshine until he drove away to the auto parts store.

I had barely gone into the house when the doorbell rang.  An energetic, handsome young salesman came to peddle his wares.  I cheerfully declined.  And then, for whatever reason-maybe he thinks I look old and feeble?-he launched into a speech about his mother.  He told me that his mother had been seriously ill but used a protocol called THE HEALING CODES and over time, her ailment disappeared!  He was so thrilled and grateful that he had tears in his eyes.  He simply wanted to share the great news! 
I had not requested this testimonial; the Universe just saw fit to make sure I knew I am following the correct path. 

If you ever had doubts about The Healing Codes, you really should look into them NOW.  Especially if you or someone you love is not in the pink of health, has relationship issues, or lives without joy, peace, truth, and love at the core of their being.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Eat Your Breakfast, Already!

Mother Connie has begun to notice a certain pattern in her life, not unlike a RUT.  To break the monotony of this behavior and get her out of her comfort zone, she and The Normanator had breakfast at the Senior Center on the village square this morning.

There was a lot of excitement in the air because the cook, Loretta, had fallen heir to EGGS and she celebrated the fried eggs by making French Toast to go with them!

The egg Loretta slid onto my breakfast plate was cooked just so and had the rich yellow center that indicated it came from a well nourished chicken.  It looked like sunshine had been spilled before me like gold!

Food at the Center is secondary.  It is only the excuse to sit and chat.  We had the opportunity to find out why the ambulance made a run at 3 AM; we know who is visiting whom and for how long; we heard all about everybody's ailments, trials, and tribulations.  Oh, yes, and we laughed.  A LOT.  The coffee flowed; so did the good humored comments. 
It was interesting to note that the men sat at one table; the women at another.  As more breakfast seekers arrived, people scooted to one side and the other to make room for the next person.  The mood was warm and cheery and very small town feeling. 

Having eaten our FIRST breakfast at 1:30 AM, which was peanut butter on Focaccia bread with juice, we were ready for round two and it was a nice way to restart our day.

Everybody's mom probably taught them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I'd have to concur.  Most of the time, we eat a substantial meal at the kitchen table very early, have a cuppa joe when we finish our paper route and then we nap.  When mid morning rolls around, we might have cinnamon toast or a slice of cheese but it's all very low key and it's just the two of us. 

SIDEBAR:  Romantical, don't you think?  END SIDEBAR.    

Today it was good to change our routine, our location, and add in some good people to the mix!

One routine I am not willing to forgo is that of The Healing Codes.  In addition to eating wisely and well, getting adequate sleep, exercise and drinking plenty of good water with whole foods supplements The Healing Codes are just a normal part of my daily routine.  I fancy they are helping me to be my very best self.

The Healing Codes make it possible for me to slow down at various times throughout the day and let my heart send messages to my brain.  You see, our brains are our image makers.  We we see, we create.  That allows us to heal relationships, our bodies, and to live in truth and joy.  It diminishes the fear and lies that sit in our heads and replaces all that JUNK with love, truth, joy and peace.

I'll take love, truth, joy, and peace with my breakfast eggs any time.

Is YOUR life the way you want it to be?  If not, you might want to scope out The Healing Codes. 

PS/We love comments, hint, hint... You may comment anonymously if you are shy.  Comments must be moderated so you are welcome to come back again when your comment is published.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mother Connie Sez Goodbye to Camille

We made a sorrowful trip this week to bid farewell to our dear friend, Camille Glaze.  She and The Normanator took their real estate exams together decades ago and they remained close friends ever since.  When Norm and I were wed, I "inherited" this darling friend by marriage.

As the years rolled by we took Camille to the Air Force Band concert, where she stood proudly when they played the march from her branch of the armed forces.  Camille was a tiny mite so even when she stood as tall as possible, she was dwarfed by other service people.  But she had served her country with pride and honor and was the first to stand when the music played "her" song.

We have fabulous memories of countless meals with our wonderful friend.  Asparagus and mashed potatoes were her absolute favorites so that was often on the menu.  Camille gloried in preparing Italian food for us.  She was Italian through and through; her "gravy"-aka spaghetti sauce-was superior to any other we have ever tasted.  Besides, sitting around her kitchen table for a meal or just having coffee together was always an EVENT.  We discussed world affairs; we talked til we were hoarse; we laughed til we hurt; and she and Norm reminisced about their adventures in real estate.

It was such a joy to hear Camille's parish priest recount all the service she had rendered to St. Mary's Cathedral.  Camille visited the sick and home bound, she helped create programs and she worked indefatigably for the parish food pantry.  She was absolutely passionate about helping people in need, protecting their pride and dignity while helping to stock their pantries.

Father Ryan recounted the time Camille had left the food pantry and after the doors were locked she encountered a pantry patron after she left the building.  The young mother explained to Camille that she did not have transportation to the pantry so she and her small children walked to the church.  It was "after hours" when they arrived.  Camille told the young mom, "I missed seeing you there today and wondered if you were all right.  I have a key to the pantry.  Let's get you some food.  Then I'll drive you home."  This is but one example of Camille's love for people.

Before the start of the Resurrection Mass for Camille, Father Ryan announced that the parish food pantry had been renamed.  It will now be known as "Camille's Cupboard."  What a fitting tribute to a lovely, loving woman.  I was deeply moved to hear this because, of course, Camille and I had often shared our work with food pantries and how we could promote them throughout our communities.

As we made our way to the funeral lunch, we spotted a man we know who is in his late 90's.  He was helping scrub pots in the kitchen of the parish hall.  We got his attention so we could ask him if he and his bride are still square dancing.  No, but he is still walking along the Platte River every day.  He averages 2 miles but he wishes he had the time to go for FIVE.  It was such a joy to visit with Clarence.

We got into line to go to the serving table and got visiting with the couple ahead of us.  It was so wonderful to learn of their connection to Camille and get acquainted.  I whispered a prayer of thanks to God for Camille's bringing us together.

Someone from our church family came to our lunch table to bring us up to speed on our former church family.  It was great to connect with Carol, because she knows people in our current little Maple Grove church family.

As our conversation wound down, I looked for Norm.  He was visiting with a woman I had not met.  She and Norm, I learned, worked together on a number of projects together which involved making life better for people with special needs.  We realized we had a great number of people and situations in common.  In just a few minutes I felt as if I had known Gladys forever.  It felt good.

As I looked over Camille's funeral card I read the names of the pall bearers.  It was stunning to me to see David Gnewuch's name on that list.  I watched David grow up when his family was our neighbor; later he delivered our mail for years and years.  David was Camille's next door neighbor.  What a small and wonderful world!

Being present for a sad occasion and experiencing such joy all around was inspirational and served as a balm to my soul.  I am grateful to my core.

We all will miss Camille very much and we all remember what a bright light she was in the world.  It would be very good if we can all find wonderful ways to keep Camille's memory alive forever.  A gift or service to any food pantry would be a great way to begin that process.

The stress of grief can be debilitating.  Whenever there is loss of a loved one, there is a chance that our body's immune system can be compromised.  It is not uncommon for mourners to have colds, bronchitis, pneumonia or worse during the healing process.  The Healing Codes can be very instrumental in keeping the body at its peak.  I can tell you from my own personal results that The Healing Codes are extremely effective.  Not a quick fix; just very efficacious.

Connie Baum
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