Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Eat Your Breakfast, Already!

Mother Connie has begun to notice a certain pattern in her life, not unlike a RUT.  To break the monotony of this behavior and get her out of her comfort zone, she and The Normanator had breakfast at the Senior Center on the village square this morning.

There was a lot of excitement in the air because the cook, Loretta, had fallen heir to EGGS and she celebrated the fried eggs by making French Toast to go with them!

The egg Loretta slid onto my breakfast plate was cooked just so and had the rich yellow center that indicated it came from a well nourished chicken.  It looked like sunshine had been spilled before me like gold!

Food at the Center is secondary.  It is only the excuse to sit and chat.  We had the opportunity to find out why the ambulance made a run at 3 AM; we know who is visiting whom and for how long; we heard all about everybody's ailments, trials, and tribulations.  Oh, yes, and we laughed.  A LOT.  The coffee flowed; so did the good humored comments. 
It was interesting to note that the men sat at one table; the women at another.  As more breakfast seekers arrived, people scooted to one side and the other to make room for the next person.  The mood was warm and cheery and very small town feeling. 

Having eaten our FIRST breakfast at 1:30 AM, which was peanut butter on Focaccia bread with juice, we were ready for round two and it was a nice way to restart our day.

Everybody's mom probably taught them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I'd have to concur.  Most of the time, we eat a substantial meal at the kitchen table very early, have a cuppa joe when we finish our paper route and then we nap.  When mid morning rolls around, we might have cinnamon toast or a slice of cheese but it's all very low key and it's just the two of us. 

SIDEBAR:  Romantical, don't you think?  END SIDEBAR.    

Today it was good to change our routine, our location, and add in some good people to the mix!

One routine I am not willing to forgo is that of The Healing Codes.  In addition to eating wisely and well, getting adequate sleep, exercise and drinking plenty of good water with whole foods supplements The Healing Codes are just a normal part of my daily routine.  I fancy they are helping me to be my very best self.

The Healing Codes make it possible for me to slow down at various times throughout the day and let my heart send messages to my brain.  You see, our brains are our image makers.  We we see, we create.  That allows us to heal relationships, our bodies, and to live in truth and joy.  It diminishes the fear and lies that sit in our heads and replaces all that JUNK with love, truth, joy and peace.

I'll take love, truth, joy, and peace with my breakfast eggs any time.

Is YOUR life the way you want it to be?  If not, you might want to scope out The Healing Codes. 

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