Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: L. O. V. E.

 Another weekend; another beautiful wedding!

The wedding that blessed us this week was in our own little country church.  It was positively magical!  The sanctuary was filled with the sweet perfume of many, many red roses.  They adorned the altar, the pews, and the bouquets of the attendants.  It was exquisite.

Kristi, the bride grew up in our church.  Her parents are people we admire greatly and the bride's mother, LeAnn, looked totally stunning in her long black formal gown.  Dean, Krisi's father, cleaned up pretty well, himself!  These are people of humor and good will and it was clear for all to see that they feel very close to the new groom and his family.  Everyone was enjoying the ceremony and the camaraderie of the momentous occasion in family life and in the life of our tiny church.

The groom appears to be gregarious as his new father in law.  His mother looks so youthful and beautiful that I thought when I first saw her that she must be one of the bridesmaids!  She also wore a chic long, formal black gown.

We were seated in the overflow room.  Our sanctuary is quite modestly sized and the time of our arrival meant that we were designated to this area.  It was really a blessing: from where I sat I could see the whole wedding party and even the well behaved and tiny little ring bearer and flower girl as they watched their aunt marry their new uncle.

The attendants were splendorous!  Gorgeous young women with long black dresses, piles of curled tresses, red rose bouquets and walking down the aisle on the arms of handsome groomsmen made the affair seem like a fairy tale come true. 

As the Father of the Bride prepared to walk his daughter to the altar the two of them giggled and seemed relaxed and so very happy.  It made my heart go pitty-pat.

The Normanator and I held hands while the short sermonette our pastor delivered.  It is no secret that the father of the bride has no patience with long sermons so it was mentioned that the remarks for the new couple would be short enough to satisfy Dean!  The congregation murmured their amusement at this point.

Pastor Kathy had this advice for the couple:
L  is for LAUGHTER, which really helps diffuse troubled areas during marital disagreements.
O is for keeping an OPEN HEART; being helpful and respectful to one another
V stands for VALIDATION and this will be useful in keeping the marriage fresh.
E means that one should ENCOURAGE the other daily to maintain a healthy wedded state.
Of course, everyone knows that LOVE makes the world go round.  This couple will, like all couples hit speed bumps along the road of their married life, but  by following this little anagram they can minimize the discomfort those bumps might cause.
Following this lovely ceremony there was a LOT of hugging, kissing, laughter and conversation.  The newly married couple ushered the guests from the pews and as people left the sanctuary and the building the wedding party and other guests boarded a large chartered bus.  They were bound for the wedding reception at party central, an hour's drive from the little country church.
The aroma of those roses stayed behind.  Our sanctuary will be so beautiful for Sunday's service! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Adam McGuire!  And CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage!  We were so honored to be included in the guest list.  Thank you!
It's quite possible that some of the guests who witnessed this marriage do not have the sense of peace and joy we saw first hand at this union.  Those would be the people we hope and pray will find The Healing Codes.  Energy Medicine is a powerful and effective way to create the kind of magic in life we desire and deserve.  
If you know anyone who is in ill health, who has lost the joy in their life, who has no peace...please tell them about The Healing Codes.  All they need to do for information is to CLICK HERE.

Connie Baum
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  1. Connie you have a gift with words - I felt like I was there! Thank you for this quick little look into a holy union and ceremony. It made me think of what I can do to make my marriage better! Thank you. Love, Anita

  2. Thank you, Anita! Seeing Kristi and Adam being married made The Normanator and me feel as if WE were taking OUR vows all over again.

    Ain't love grand?

    Love to your and YOUR husband,
    Mother Connie

  3. "That wedding must have been some wedding...It was like being there with your description of it..
    You should have been a writer!!!!!"


  4. Well, Mickie, Mother Connie is making every effort...!

    Thanks so much, everybody for popping in to have your say!

    Mother Connie

  5. Writer Connie, What's with the Mother. You could and should be writing society pages for the New York Times. You'd add so much to the Sacredness of such occasions and lift Humanity.
    Such details and ESSENSE comes through. Families such as these bless us all. Please Congratulate the bride and groom for me, and do make copies of your blog for them and their parents. Much Love, Light, and Laughter to all,
    Sheila Davis

  6. Oh, my. I feel my face flush to bright pink as I read your kind words, Sheila Davis!

    I also have tears in my eyes. Tears of joy, of course.

    What a treasure you are! Thank you God, that Sheila Davis and I sit in the same circle...

    Gratefully and Humbly,
    Writer Mother Connie grin


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