Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Weddings Can Be SO Wonderful!

Never mind that we were sleep deprived.  Never mind that the wedding invitation called us to drive for three hours one way.  Never mind that we had other things going on in our lives...we had been invited to the wedding of the daughter of a precious family friend.  AND WE WERE THRILLED!

We fell in love with the Tom and Trudy Best family when we attended church as newlyweds.  The little family took up space in "their" pew and as the children grew, part of the family moved one pew back.  If the Best family was not present, we almost could not have church.
Then one summer Trudy was summoned to help with church camp for kids and her life has never been the same!  She invited The Normanator and me to share in the experience and now our lives have been changed forever, too.  

SIDEBAR:  See how this works?  Very well.  END SIDEBAR.

With this back story in mind you have some idea of the kinds of activities that drew us so close we feel like family.  When the invitation came that Hailee was to marry Brent, the calendar was marked and plans were made.

It was such a lovely wedding.  It was held in the same church where The Normanator and I "got married with each other" as our kids remind us.  There were lanterns and ivy vines and candles and people dressed to the nines, all ready for this wonderful event.

We met the groom just prior to the ceremony.  These are college kids so we only knew this man by his sterling reputation.  NO ONE TOLD ME BRENT LOOKS LIKE A MOVIE STAR.  He gives the 'tall, dark and handsome' description a whole new dimension!  And you know that his bride looked like a Fairy Princess with her long blond curls piled high to show off her flawless face.  Her long ecru dress was lace, her veil was lace, and there were stars in the eyes of both the bride and the groom!

Attendants and groomsmen were splendorous in their finery; the ring bearers and flower girls were miniatures of their adult wedding party people.  As I looked at the group at the front of the church, I was pretty sure they all had been sprinkled with Fairy Dust...

The minister, Rev. Lonnie Logan, married this precious new couple, just as he had married us a decade and a half ago.  He offered them sage words of wisdom sprinkled with humor about being married and the congregation murmured their amusement and agreement.  As the ceremony ended the crowd waved and cheered as the happy couple were chauffeured in a bright red convertible.

When we all gathered for the dinner reception it was like Old Home Week in a Grand Hall.  We reaped a rich harvest of hugs and kisses from people from our former church family; we caught up on all their news and we enjoyed sharing a sumptuous meal with people we love.
Love really DOES make the world go round.

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Oh, by the way, the Father of the Bride was still awake and alert after the shock of giving away his #1 daughter.  The Mother of the Bride was letting everyone know that the creative table decor was simply the fruits of an unemployed mom!  She will be much more accessible now that the wedding plans have been fulfilled.  grin

SIDEBAR:  Is it any wonder we love these people so?  END SIDEBAR.

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  1. So many weddings have people there who drink too much. It sounds as if this was a lovely affair with no rowdy guests!

    I hope your friends will have a long and happy marriage.


  2. Mother of the Bride:October 26, 2010 at 8:39 AM

    Dear Mother Connie,

    I am having Hailee's dress boxed and preserved. They told me I could enclose something in the box to represent the day for her. I am choosing your description of the wedding. It was a beautiful gift from a beautiful friend. Thank you.

    --Mother of the Bride


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