Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Play Date?

Who can resist play?

Not I.  When Lacey mentioned coming by for "girl stuff" I could not resist that, either.  So we set up a play date for the two of us.

When I was a little girl my aunt would mess with my hair, paint my fingernails and try out her new shades of lipstick on me.  She was practicing her own beauty regimens and setting me up for my future as an all-girl girl.  It must have worked, for I adore all things girl: clothes, make up, hair clips, and, of course, shoes and handbags.

Lacey also loves all things girl:  Pink, sparkles, cosmetics, clothes...

Lacey has a grandmother who is a whiz when it comes to baking.  I'm no baker.

Lacey's mom is a genius when it comes to all things domestic.  I'm no domestic goddess.

So what would draw Lacey to hang out with a kid who has been 33 so many times?  It beats me.  Maybe it's my corny jokes?  Maybe it's my collection of paper dolls?  Maybe she just likes coming in to town from her country home for a change of scenery.  It might be that I do not require her to take out the trash.

In any case, Lacey and I are buds and I adore her.  We are friends on FaceBook; we hug hello at church; and I am her biggest fan.  Not everyone on planet earth has such a rich, rewarding relationship with a young person who is unrelated.

Maybe The Healing Codes protocol has been instrumental in nourishing the relationship Lacey and I have.  Lacey and I are blessed to enjoy peace, joy, truth, and love.  

What could be better?

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Connie Baum
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  1. A day of girl stuff is always a blast!

  2. Can you even IMAGINE how much fun you and I could have on a play date?

    Drat the geography ANYway.



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