Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: "Table for Three?"

Every so once in awhile Mother Connie needs her peeps-as in people. 

Today was one of those days.

Some folks are motivated by critters; others like to work with numbers.  There are people in this world who like to be alone or shun groups because they are shy or just not people  oriented.

Mother Connie, however, is people driven.  While alone time is fine and necessary it is PEOPLE who light my fire!  I want to know how they are REALLY and I crave knowing in what activities they are immersed.  There is an underlying and sincere need to connect and talk and listen to other human beings.  It floats my proverbial boat.

So it was our good fortune today to learn that our beloved Pastor Kathy would be in town for worship at the care center.  She would be amenable to lunching with us and she could work her schedule so we could TALK.  We women had things to discuss:  books, dreams, family, clothes, food, faith, and the homework she challenged us from the pulpit.  

Pastor Kathy's palette is not finicky; she seemed to happy with the carrot/pumpkin soup and salad of butter lettuce, sprouts and veggies.  She liked that chia seeds were sprinkled on her turkey sammie and that the coffee flowed fresh and hot.  She did not even object to the fact there was no dessert.  The Normanator was not so easily sold on the idea of a meal sans dessert, however.  

It was my great pleasure to share with Pastor Kathy the events of last night's Toastmaster meeting at the prison.  She was particularly interested when I shared the story of the speech  given by one of our newer members about a Toastmaster who was conspicuously absent from our club meeting.

The title of Aaron's speech was "Forgive Me.  I'm a Little Clingy."  He spoke about how life is similar to an ocean as he held up the visual aid called for in his speaker's manual.  He mentioned how life has its ups and downs.  He showed us a drawing of a boat, which had someone at one end who wanted to put his hands into the water; on the opposite end was a stick figure that indicated he was relaxed.  The guy in the middle, another stick figure, was wound around the mast as if never to let go.

Aaron explained that he knew a fellow inmate who found spiritual strength in prison.  He'd never known that before and he chose to cling to that as a new way of living and behaving.  He stayed true to his new beliefs, even though prison life does not necessarily lend itself to walking a Godly path.  Aaron's visual aid showed a stick figure with his arms wrapped around a cross.

Recently as Aaron and his friend strolled the prison yard, his dear friend was brutally attacked.  He refused to fight back, declaring he would cling to his newly discovered, more spiritual way of life.

The recipient of the attacked was found to be guilty, irrespective of the facts; he was handcuffed and escorted to "the hole."

The gasp in the audience was audible at this point.  Aaron went on to explain that the victim had since been taken out of his place of punishment and had been "promoted" to a new facility, where he is preparing to be released from prison.

With this update, the whole room erupted in cheers and applause!  The right thing had finally happened for this man and we were so grateful he clung to his beliefs, his faith and experienced a favorable outcome.  

Pastor Kathy and I did not discuss the fact that faith and spirituality is a powerful force with which to be reckoned. It was pretty much understood. As she drove away, I thought about the wonderful moments we had shared and how peaceful and full of joy my own life is. AND, I'd had my "Kathy Fix."

People fixes are easy/breezy.  If one's life is joyless and full of woe, anxiety, fear and ugliness a simple people fix may not be the remedy.  Energy Medicine, on the other hand, is just the ticket to infuse wellness, love, peace, joy and fun into a life that may be lagging.

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Connie Baum
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  1. You get so much from your Toastmasters group. I think that's sooo great. You radiate goodness wherever you go kiddo.

  2. Aw, thank you, Bodacious One.


  3. You are truly an inspiration to one and all, Connie as are many of those prisoners. I'd loved to have spent time with you and Rev. Kathy and the TMers as well. I salute all of you.
    Love and Light, Sheila Davis

  4. I appreciate your kind words, Sheila Davis! You would fit right in with Pastor Kathy and my guys at the prison...and you are welcome any time.

    I must caution you, though--you won't gain entrance to the prison as a visitor until your paperwork is up to snuff! grin

    The Indian Symposium will be this weekend. THAT will be worth messing with paperwork. It is sure to be a blast!

    Mother Connie
    PS/Thanks for taking the time to pop in, Sheila!


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