Friday, November 5, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Are You Sweet Enough?


Do you drink soda?  Do you ever choose DIET soda?

Could Mother Connie persuade you that it's not in your best interest to choose either of the above?
Here's the deal, kids:  We have been programmed that soda pop is nearly sacred.  Not that it is included on the food pyramid but it IS advertised in every grocery circular; it's available in every size on every corner in every town and every convenience store in America and every burger joint is only too happy to UP-size your favorite brand!

Regular soda is loaded with either corn syrup or white sugar.  Neither of those has a lick of nutrition.  Their very presence is bad news for good health.  The fizz and your craving for it only indicates your body's need for more oxygen! You have no clue the source of the water used in creating soda pop; it could have toxicity with all its dire consequences!   Drinking soda will ensure that your body is acidic...acidic bodies are ALWAYS sickly.

Let's suppose you select the diet variety for your beverage of choice.  You have all the negatives mentioned above and then you have the "opportunity" to have seizures, muscular issues, complications of all sorts with vision, neurological difficulties and all manner of bad things.  The studies about this have produced piles of data indicating full pages of "side effects" from drinking soda with artificial sweeteners.   The problems range from mild hyperactivity and digestive troubles to mimicking Alzheimer's and Lou Gherig's Disease.  There is a page long list in between.  I'd list them here but neither of us has the time to read them all!

Did you know that the FDA Board of Inquiry voted UNANIMOUSLY AGAINST approval of aspartame for human consumption in 1980?  Yes, that's true.  Aspartame was developed in 1974.  In 1980 it was learned that animals which were fed aspartame had developed seizures and brain tumors but these facts were hidden and data was falsified.  STILL, approval of this dreadful product was firmly in place.

Methinks we should follow the money to see what's REALLY goin' on...

Here's another piece of information to curl your hair:  When aspartame is heated to 85 degrees Fahrenheit for a week or longer, the aspartame breaks down and becomes FORMIC ACID, which is similar to formaldehyde.  This can cause brain tumors.  Do you recall that diet drinks were sent to the heat of the war zone for our troops?  I think it was above 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the dessert and if our brave men and women who were serving there drank that stuff, they were susceptible to not only war wounds but the insult of toxic poison as well.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNCONSCIONABLE!  

Okay.  If you aren't sufficiently incensed, here is one more piece of information:  You will now see the name aspartame fade into oblivion to make way for the NEW moniker:  "AminoSweet"  Doesn't that sound prettier, more innocuous, and healthier?  It's the same thing that's been done with the toxic MSG.  It has become hydrolized protein now. 

Poison by any other name will still make you really sick and it could even lead to your demise.

So what's a body to DO?  Well, for openers, you could stop buying soda of any type.  If you don't drag it into the house it won't be there for you to drink.  Then you could find out the great benefits of plain old water, maybe with a wedge of lemon.

SIDEBAR:  Don't GET me started on water!  It's a passion of mine and if I unloaded that info on you here, you would run and hide.  I promise I won't do that to you!  END SIDEBAR.

Those cute little packets that come in yellow, blue, pink and who knows what other colors are not something you need nor do you want people you love to use them.  Not knowing the dangers is one thing.  Now that you have this information, what will you do with it?

Have you experienced some of the draconian effects of soda and/or aspartame?  Having serious health issues will rob you of peace and joy.  You would be wise to give up all forms of artificial sweeteners and add Energy Medicine in the form of The Healing Codes to your daily regimen.  For complete information click on these words to get started on the path to robust, vibrant good health and a life that's filled with joy and love!

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