Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's ALL About the Food!

Saving Dinner is one thing. But even the Dinner Diva herself, Leanne Ely, would agree that the quality of life is more than dinner...SNACKS are important, too!

Time was when a 5 cent candy bar did the trick. Now, I'm giving away my age! As the price went up and so did my weight and cavity count, candy bars just did not cut it. We had to resort to-dare I say it- HEALTHY munching!

I know, healthy snacks may seem to be an oxymoron. but let's examine the issue: the food that's grown in soil lacks the nutrients the soil does not have to offer. Couple that with the fact that American food is processed literally to death. Inedibles such as msg and sweeteners are added, as is processed salt, icky oils and other gross things that, admittedly, taste good. One of my mentors, Dr. John Cortner, used to wail about pasteurized, homogenized milk being "congealed junk". Some folks cannot afford or have chosen not to supplement their food intake with whole foods supplements. Worse, they may be taking over the counter products that are lacking in quality and frankly, whole foods.

So, what's a mother to DO? What IS there to snack on, if we can't choose from long aisles loaded with chips and dips and microwaved stuff. SIDEBAR: Please, dear visitor, do NOT use microwave ovens. We are talking about HEALTH here. END SIDEBAR.

Well, apples are good and goodness knows that Southeast Nebraska has loads of apples this time of year. All types and colors. Leave the life giving peels on and slice them. Simple. Quick. Yummy. A shake of sea salt will bring out the sweetness and flavor of the apples.

You could even dip those slices in peanut butter, almond butter, hummus, or one of those new protein powders made from sprouts. NOW we are talking HEALTHY! That's what we DO here...

How about keeping a stash of peeled hard cooked eggs in your fridge? You can quickly chop some celery and onion and toss in some commercial pickle relish. You mix it all and spoon it into lettuce leaves for a tasty wrap! THAT is a SNACK.

The old standby of stuffing ribs of celery with cream cheese or cheese food or shredded cheese is okay but why not jazz that idea up a notch? For health's sake, use almond butter or creamed spinach leftovers or tiny ribbons of dried beef.

Tiny grape or cherry tomatoes make a terrific and healthy munchie. Wash tomatoes of nearly the same size and place them on a deli lid (you know, the lid from the Dream Whip). Lay a second lid on the tomatoes and slide your knife between the two lids from one side to the other for a PERFECT half slice to your little tomatoes! Sprinkle a tad of sea salt, a pinch of pepper and a teensy weensy pinch of sugar over the whole works and snack away. ( I saw these techniques done on Rachel Ray, who credited an intern on her show for the slicing tip and I saw someone on The Food Network season tomatoes thusly.)

Here's hoping I have whetted your appetite some. For Saving Dinner , you and Leanne are on your own!

I truly wish you WELL.


  1. Thanks Connie for the great information.

    Your faithful follower!

  2. I loved this - I am trying to be healthier and gravitate to the "processed" health foods in the grocery story. Now is that an oxymoron or what? Processed health foods???
    Thanks for some good ideas.


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