Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Good Old Summertime

Summer is my personal fave.
Ideally, there is an unlimited supply of lemonade. We fancy that we lie in hammocks, smelling freshly cut grass, hearing the joyous shouts of children running through sprinklers, and we think of how we walk along the city sidewalks, chatting with neighbors as we stroll along.
In reality?
We crank the A/C to its max. We complain bitterly about the heat and humidity. We fuss that our clothelines harbor garments that take too long to dry. We complain when it rains. We complain when it does not rain.
Surely there is a happy medium.
The summertime in our house has been loaded with the best of times and the worst of times.
Currently we have a houseguest who revels in the joy of spending time in a Certified Wellness Home.
We are reveling in the joy of having him with us!
The bed, the air, the water, the food, and even his garments
support the quality of health we all enjoy.
Not to mention his gregarious, hospitable host couple...
It's true. Norm and I are a pair of health nuts.
People snicker when they see that we carry our own iWater bottles around with us. They roll their eyes when the subject of supplements come up.
When I offer to 'do someone's colors' there is a great show of skepticism.
But we must be doing something right.
My favorite husband began to feel poorly awhile back. His brother had popped up with a diagnosis that was no fun, so Norm finally agreed to visit his local
There were no if's, and's or but's about it.
Norm needed a pacemaker AT ONCE.
That would be the worst of times in our current summer!
When Norm's pulse dipped to 10 beats per minute the pacemaker was placed.
This was on a Thursday. On SATURDAY morning, he was released from the bondage of his hospital bed and he drove home!
To make a long story short, he is quite fine now.
The postscript to that event is the phone call we got this week.
They learned from his blood work that he has had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which is contracted from ticks.
Norm just chuckled.
When you have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, you are one sick puppy.
You hurt, your head aches, you feel hot, then chilled, it's miserable.
Norm had none of that. AND, the morning of his appointment with his doctor he 'only' walked 17 blocks, plus the 3 blocks to the doctor's office.
When he reported this at the time of his doctor visit, Doc just shook his head and swore.
He was astonished at the recovery and progress of his patient.
Having Norm feeling so well is the best of times for us!
What made that possible? Well, to be sure, there had been prayers on Norm's behalf. And we would not discount the skill of the surgeons and pros who managed Norm's case.
But what about the Limu? What about the BioProduce? What about the magnetic insoles and mattress pad? What about the iWater? What about the alkaline air he breathes?
How does his vegetable rich, whole foods diet figure into this equation?
Could it BE that his regimen has supported his immune system to the point where a pesky tick had little influence on his body?
Could it be that being well hydrated, fit as a fiddle, and well nourished has really paid off in spades?
What do YOU think?
We would love for you to comment on Norm's situation.
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You, too, can begin to live in a Wellness Home.
It's as easy as shopping online.
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The sooner you take action, the better you will feel.
Thank you again for your comments, people!

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  1. This is an example where the loving and caring of parents and with the proper nutrition, a young person with many challenges has made a significant turn around. We as parents experienced a situation where are daughter was in the third grade and came down with kidney infection. It necessitated a year from school, allowing for building strength and two loving parents brought her back to living a normal life. Since that time she has not experienced any serious medical condition and have raised three healthy children. Again, the proper environment and caring and loving parents can cause miracles without total reliance on medication. These types of experiences are a parents worse nightmare but the recovery is a parents most wonderful life experiences.



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