Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being Healthy

Is is just me? Or are more people getting more
draconian diagnoses lately?
People in our circle seem to be bringing more bad news
this disease or that organ failure or some other dreadful issue.
When something is wrong with the body we get signals. It's common for human beings to ignore those signals, minimizing the message the body is sending.
That message is , "HELP ME!"
The body needs good, clean, pure water. It needs vitamins and minerals and proteins and carbohydrates. It needs to eliminate toxicity and to move. It needs clean, pure air.
It does NOT need pharmaceuticals to be well, for the most part.
I offer you this example:
My son, the character, was born with many issues.
Water on his brain, double club feet, a hole in his spine.
The medical community did all they could to save his life and the surgeries he had as an infant and toddler were necessary to maintain his life.
We are grateful for all the energy that went into saving him.
When he reached age 10 or so, it became standard practice for his docs to just routinely hand out prescriptions, for no reason apparent to me, the way you would give candy to kids on Hallowe'en. He had neurologists, pediatricians, orthopedists, cardiologists, and surgeons who were all great at writing prescriptions.
I balked about those pills and made lots of waves in the process.
When Michael lay in a coma and was given up on by the medics I took him home against medical advice,
raising eyebrows and creating furrowed brows in the hallowed halls of the institutions, and
took pharmaceutcals off his ToDo list.
In a few weeks, and to everyone's amazement but mine, he woke up his brains.
Not only that, but the quality of his life improved dramatically:
After being comatose,
he could read, his handwriting was now legible, his thought processes were speedier, his memory was intact, and he could laugh again.
Best of all, he could make the people who love him laugh!
People who are ill have no idea where to turn.
People who are well think there is no need to change their ways.
People who go to will see how many ways there are to become healthier and maintain that good health without a lot of disruption to their busy lives.
Mother Connie's website is loaded with products and options to enhance life.
NONE of her ideas revolve around prescriptions!
You will find BioPro, Limu, The Healing Codes, and the FarInfrared Sauna,
in addition to things to trick out a kitchen with good health in mind.
You can't read this and not feel some emotion, my friends!
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If you prefer anonymity, you may remain so.
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  1. Mother Connie,
    Every time I think of you and your son's story I tear up. Such dedication and wisdom you possess. Love, not meds were the miracle! But what persistence it took from you, more time than the 33 years you've lived. Your son is one of the sweetest guys on earth with no bitterness showing after all he's been through. His sense of humor should be bottled and sold. Thanks for sharing your knowing with us all. Love and Light, Sheila


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