Saturday, July 12, 2008

OK, So I'm a Health Nut!

Everyone in my sphere of influence will tell you I am a health nut.

Emphasis on NUT, with a wink and a grin.

Yes. It's true. I drool over organic produce, grain, and meat. I bring produce into the house, rinse it in a sink full of filtered water, rich in minerals, and then I fuss over getting it refrigerated.
I make a big deal of nutrition. I intentionally balance colors and flavors, and junk food does not live at our house. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a passion of mine, in case you had not noticed.
So when I served dessert last evening, those whose toes were under the table were surprised.

Arranged on the tray were wedges of PIE DOUGH, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.
My favorite husband and his baby sister both squealed,

They grew up with this sweet treat and their mother called the creation by one name; my mom always called it by another: PINWHEELS!

Every family has its own traditions, its unique history, stories and language. I find it fascinating.
As we munched, we talked and there was a steady stream of reminiscences about the comfort foods of our childhoods, the special dinners we recalled and who likes which foods.

I feel blessed to know what I know and feel grateful for my passion because food is such a critical piece of a healthy way of life. I also feel blessed to live in a wellness home: everything we do supports our good health. We have clean water, clean air, harmonized energy with respect to the electrical appliances, computer, even the phones, and we supplement our food with nutrients that are serving us very well. We even sleep peacefully on a special mattress, curling up and snuggly under a quilt that enhances our well being!

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You don't have to be nuts to be healthy!

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  1. I can attest to the fact that Connie is healthy in her eating (and most all other) habits! And how she can make healthy food taste WONDERFUL so that it tickles my taste buds is beyond me. And yes, I am manifesting one of those mattresses because I sleep SOUNDLY and don't hardly move a muscle when I'm sleeping on it. I'm doing the filtered water and what a difference that has made in the amount of water I drink! I actually LIKE to drink it now- almost crave it!
    Thanks, Mother Connie!

    p.s. We just called them "Our dough" because grandma let us roll it out, shape it and decorate however we wanted with the leftover pie crust. What a great memory!


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