Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Take MY Word For It...

I have been nagging people in my sphere of influence for years about drinking water. Ask anyone in that sphere; they know how I am!
As things go, we now know that DRINKING water is not the only way to gain
benefits, especially if the drinking water you use is
It is very smart; it is INTELLIGENT WATER.
Here are some comments from delighted users of the iWater:

"For 47 years I have battled eczema with scaly patches of skin on my face and raised and red itchy areas on my back, chest and arms. Five different dermatologists all prescribed steroid creams to clear up my skin. After one day of drinking i-H2O and spraying it on my face, arms and body, my dry skin and scaly patches started to disappear. What a relief! I am extremely pleased with what i-H2O can do."
- A.T., Green Bay, WI

"I have noticed some positive changes since drinking i-H2O water. The thing that I first noticed was that, I usually wake up with a "dull" headache in the mornings. Once I am up and moving around it goes away, so I never reach for medication. Since drinking i-H2O water, I don’t wake up with the headaches. (I didn’t drink any one day as a test, and the next morning the headache was back.) So, that has been wonderful! I have also noticed fewer seizures. My last one was over a week ago. I appreciate you so much. Your act of kindness towards me (being a stranger) is above and beyond what most people do for each other.- T.T., Knoxville, TN
Water is not the only thing people are raving about. Lives are dramatically changed when the suite of BioPro products are introduced into the routine of regular folks. Consider this:

"For too long I lived close to a radio tower, and I had a long list of symptoms: insomnia, unsteady body temperature, stomach aches, hormone imbalance, tooth sensitivity, eye strain, and a bruise that wouldn't heal. I fought off colds daily with immune-stimulating herbs or raw garlic, and I’ve always been prone to nose bleeds. Those symptoms were alleviated after using the BIO Life Pendant, Home Harmonizer and drinking VitaTonic.
After I had moved away from the radio tower, I noticed I was having shortness of breath. I was always taking deep breaths because I couldn't seem to get enough air. Then I was introduced to i-H2O water, and the shortness of breath disappeared as soon as I started drinking the water.
I had a 3-week-old burn that had been healing. I noticed a remarkable difference in the burn the day after I took my first drink of i-H2O (1/4 cup). I had another burn occur at a restaurant. I accidentally poured hot chili on my hand. After removing the ice pack the waitress gave me, I assumed the redness, pain, and eventual skin peeling would take place. I had no signs of that burn. I realized then that I had been sipping i-H2O all day in the car."
C.R. ,Green Bay, WI
If you yearn for better health; if you would like to enjoy beautiful skin, if you notice any of the difficulties recounted in these stories
to research all the benefits of the BioPro suite of health enhancing items
by going to and
click on the link to BIOPRO:
and see for yourself how easy it is to be educated and shop online in the comfort of your own home. ANY of these items will make you feel safer, more protected.
You don't have to take my word for it. The true stories of people's discoveries are far more impressive than my nagging you to drink your water!
Please feel free to leave a comment about YOUR experience with iWater or any of the BioPro products that have transformed YOUR life! All comments will be moderated and if you are too shy to leave your name, you may comment anonymously, or just use your initials.

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