Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Healing Codes: What Do You WANT?

Let's pretend we were all together in a great, big theater and I asked you, "What do you want more than anything right now?" You would tell me you want a new house, a new car, a spouse, a new desk or any number of other things.

We are still pretending now. I would then ask you this question: "Why do you want THAT?" When you told me why, I would ask you again, 'WHY do you want THAT?' and I would continue to ask that question until you could no longer tell me why you want whatever it is you want.

For real, we all want the very same things. Most of the time when asked 'what do you want?' we make a LIST of STUFF. But what we really yearn for, deep within our very selves is love, joy, peace, freedom, and worth. Those are not things you see with your baby blues.

I am pretty sure that Solomon's wisdom of three thousand years ago is still sound. He talked about the affairs of our hearts and taught that God is the SOURCE of love, peace and joy. Today's modern medicine admits that 95% of all illness stems from stress-affairs of our hearts. And psychologists from all over have studied mental, emotional and psychological issues. They agree that unseen issues contribute to life's chaos.

So if we know Solomon was correct and we agree that we are stressed and it is showing up in all kinds of symptoms, then why DON'T we prioritize our lives differently? There are three simple reasons and here is the list:
  1. We do not believe God is the source of our goodness; we might think it's a car or house
  2. Faulty programming. We've been trained to believe that we must suffer or that our worth is wrapped around a BMW.
  3. We are hard wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. It's in our DNA.
What, then are our options?
  1. Believe the truth about yourself, your situation, what you REALLY want.
  2. Prayer is really powerful and highly effective
  3. Energy Medicine is a wonderful tool for living your best life and providing what you really do want in your life.
  4. Choose LOVE and TRUTH over your Pain/Pleasure programming. Choosing correctly may be painful but will help you get what it is you truly want.
  5. Focus your thoughts on love, joy, and peace-all the 'things' you cannot SEE and you will see how content you will feel and you will truly have whatever it is you want.
According to Dr. Alex Loyd, Harvard University studied two groups of people for six months. One group was made up of lottery winners who had struck it rich. The other group was a collection of people who had been in accidents which rendered them paraplegic. Both groups were questioned about their level of happiness for the six month study. The findings were that there was NO DIFFERENCE in the level of happiness between the two groups!

Now, if I were to ask you once again, "What do you want more than anything in the world right now?" has your answer changed? Do you have a different perspective? Does it make sense to you that whatever you want is not something you can SEE?

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Connie Baum


  1. This was a really nice post, Connie! Very inspiring. I think it all boils down to positive thinking--REAL positive thinking. =)

    A thousand hugs from a thousand miles away! =)

  2. Thanks, Imee!
    What I really want is what I have: my very own fan club who sends me thousands of hugs from thousands of miles away. Jeepers, it FEELS as if you are right here with me!
    Relationships, rich, real relationships are what makes my world go round. Thank you, dear heart!

    Hugs Hugs and More Hugs,
    Mother Connie


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