Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mother Connie Sez "Thank God for The Healing Codes!"

Have you been looking for Mother Connie?

She's been holding down the couch and running the TV remote for months now...there was a traumatic fall, followed by complications and the aftermath has been harrowing.   

SIDEBAR:  Thank God for The Healing Codes.  END SIDEBAR. 

It goes without saying that The Healing Codes was only one component in the effort to be whole during the past few months.  There were the prayers of her peeps, for example.  There were the plants and bars of soap and home cooked meals contributing to our well being and demonstrating peoples' love.  There were visitors (Mother Connie so LOVES having company!) and they brought Angels, cards, CDs, potions and lotions to help nudge the healing process.  Of course, there was the medical team who tended to her needs despite the preceding rants and raves and carrying on.  None of them ever let on if they knew how much restraint she showed by not starting any fist fights over the treatment regimen.

Mother Connie has been polishing her soap box, working on her spelling and punctuation; she is ready  once again to enter the blogosphere.  

She is ecstatic to be back.  She fancies her adoring public has been clamoring for her return.  

SIDEBAR:  Did we mention her illness has produced just a tad bit of delusion?  END SIDEBAR.

Connie Baum
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