Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alternative Healing: The Very Last Word?

Seasoned police officers will tell you that if four people on four connecting corners witness an accident, each one will give a very different account of the event. Each person has his own unique perspective. Perspective changes one's attitude...if we change our attitude, we change everything in our world.

Keeping perspective and attitude in mind, let's examine an imaginary scenario:

What would you say to the person you love the most if it were to be your last word to them?

If you were going away on an extended trip or if they were ill and preparing to pass away or whatever reason you might think - what would your very last word to them be?

There is little doubt you would want your last words to your beloved offer them the key to a successful life and make a positive difference for them.

Let me tell you about Terri Cook. Terri was a player in a small church drama group. One evening as the actors were performing, Terri came out, spoke her lines and promptly dropped dead! It was a mystery as to why a perfectly healthy young student would leave this world so seemingly prematurely but she was gone.

After Terri's passing, her friends and family took note of letters and notes she had written to them. Every one had been signed, "Love Always!" almost as a command from the young lady.

One of us might wish to have our loved ones remember to be persistent, according to what Winston Churchill admonished in his "Never give up" speech. Another of us might want to be remembered for living life lavishly or doing good for others or any number of pieces of advice.

If we think about it, we want the people who mean the most to us in our lives to seek truth. We would hope that they would always live their lives with hearts open and lives filled with joy because they always sought truth.

What WOULD you leave as your last words to your most cherished people?

Whatever words we choose to leave with our loved ones, that represents our own personal truth. LET US LIVE THAT VERY TRUTH NOW.

I'd like to challenge you to consider your 'last words' carefully and return here to post your ideas in the comment box. You are free to be anonymous. There are no correct or incorrect answers; only your perception.

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  1. Love deeply, give generously, share endlessly, smile often; be sensitive to others, be compassionate-always, be filled with endless gratitude to God above for all the good things in life}~*~work hard not to waste is precious, and eventually you will run out of it...don't leave this world with regrets of things left undone!

  2. THANK YOU so much for sharing your 'last words' ideas here! Good of you to take the time to offer sage wisdom.

    Mother Connie


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