Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alternative Healing: What if the Diagnosis is Draconian?

What would YOU do if you got a diagnosis that was as bad as your worst nightmare? Would you seek another opinion? Might you lobby for more money to find a cure? Perhaps you would call for prayer…or just give up.

If I tell you that help from alternative healing might be of value, would you listen and take the appropriate action?

There are as many alternatives to getting and staying well as there are people, I suspect. I have had wonderful results with an alternative that offers great promise to those who are suffering with chronic conditions and might face a bleak and sickly future, if they have any future at all.

I know of a traditional medical doctor, Dr. Ben Johnson, who was at his wits’ end when he learned about Energy Medicine. He was well into the second year of suffering with a dreaded disease that threatened his life. His traditional medical doctor’s bag offered nothing that would improve the quality of his life, nor could it extend it.

Another medical professional, Dr. Alex Loyd, was able to help his wife with a debilitating condition that not only threatened her own life, but her illness affected the quality of life for her entire family unit. That family has been positively impacted because Energy Medicine eradicated the symptoms that plagued them all for decades!

Energy Medicine is a safe, non toxic, and non invasive alternative treatment that human bodies respond to in a very positive manner.

The very first instance of Energy Medicine and my favorite line of defense would be prayer. Its efficacy is legendary and time honored.

Knowing what I do about health, healing and body mechanics, I would supplement prayer with a simple protocol that stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism.

By simply repeating this protocol symptoms vanish because the body knows how to heal itself. The body gets well from the top down, from the inside out, from left to right and from the present to the past.

The reason energy medicine is so effective and produces the results we desire is because it sparks the body to heal in the way it is meant to heal: top down, inside out, left side to right side and from now to before!

Each of our bodies has its own timetable for becoming well. As a trained and licensed massage therapist, I was taught that for every month we have felt unwell, our bodies would be likely to spend three months recovering. If a body has suffered with a chronic ailment, it may take a long time to feel and become as well as we’d like. You cannot hurry this process and you cannot slow it down! Mother Nature has her own way of healing our bodies and our bodies are in tune with her song!

If you or a loved one is not up to par it would be worth your while to pray and to look to Energy Medicine to alleviate any health issues that are looming. A life well lived can be yours by utilizing the alternative healing tool of Energy Medicine.

Connie Baum

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