Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are YOU On Drugs?

By now you have come to realize what a health nut I really am. Some might argue freakishly so...however, I am quick to point out that I am exceedingly healthy, have no achey joints, and do pretty well for a kid who has been 33 as many times as I have. So maybe I am onto something? Could be.

Take my stance on prescription drugs, as an example. I have long held that prescription drugs are dangerous, full of side effects, and not good for the body. Apparently I am not alone in this idea:

"Pharmaceutical drugs may have side effects. What an intentional obfuscation this is! Pharmaceutical drugs do not have side-effects; they have EFFECTS! And lots of them! If you take drugs, plan on them affecting your health in many negative and and acidic ways."
-Dr. Robert O. Young

I'll spare you the horror stories; you probably have some of your own...I will remind you that the body is not comfy or well when it becomes acidic. Alkalinity is our friend. Here is but one way to help your body become more alkaline in a delicious, convenient way:
Limu and you can scope out the proof about what's there by visiting PubMed.org .

Connie Baum

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