Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Could They Be WRONG?

Yesterday the news was splattered all over the television like blood over a crime scene...the media pretended to have a big scoop: "Supplements do not do anything good for the body" (my paraphrase).

Oh, really?

The newsman was careful to mention that the study covered a decade and included many people. One study in particular had to do with men and prostate issues. The numbers were staggering. Since I don't 'do' numbers I'll avoid specifics in that realm.

What nobody DID mention would be the KIND of supplementation that was used. Brands, types, etc. Did the test groups drink soda pop? Did the test groups get adequate rest? Did those in the test group drink good, pure, water ? How about everyone's diets? Were they eating microwaved junk? Did they dine on french fries? Did either test group get involved with exercise? What environmental elements were in place? Did these folks smoke, drink, use prescription medications?

You know that these numbers had to be rigged. For one thing, we don't know WHO PAID FOR these studies. For another, we don't know what type or brand and strength or amount of supplementation was used.

The argument that it must be genetics doesn't wash with me. I am only one person out of my entire family who does not deal with the issue of Glaucoma. My grandparents and aunts on both sides of the house lost some or all of their vision to that disease. I often wonder what good supplementation and all the rest of it would have done for them...

I'm in the Senior category, yet I do not have health issues. Surely, my body is aging and not looking the way a 40 year old body looks. But there are no achey joints, no loss of vigor, NO GLAUCOMA, and I can function quite well for someone who has been 33 years old this many times...

Maybe I'm just lucky? Yes, I am. I am lucky enough to drink Limu twice a day. I am lucky enough to drink lots of good, clean water and sleep on a bed that helps me wake refreshed and renewed. I make every effort to move my body regularly; I make sure my diet is loaded with whole foods andI get fresh raw vegetables and fruits, grains, seeds, nuts; not so much sugary stuff. I NEVER MICROWAVE FOODS and if I know foods are microwaved I avoid them like the plague. I also take a whole foods fruit and a vegetable supplement every day. Good luck provides me with pure, alkaline air to breathe in the comfort of our home.

I forgot to mention that I avoid traditional medical attention: no flu vaccines, no xrays.

Isn't it interesting that all those people in the studies found no advantage to their supplements and I am in the pink? Go figure.

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Connie Baum

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