Monday, December 22, 2008

Have I Been DUPED?

WELL! I WILL be dipped in dew!

Headlines all over the place are insisting that all the studies prove there is no good effect from taking vitamins and minerals!

Well! Well! Well! I wonder if they will also put up BILLBOARDS to that effect...

What became of the depletion of the soils? Has THAT changed? I saw no headline to that effect and the Feds themselves made it clear in 1936 that the soils were depleted of minerals and vitamins.

I wonder what the Feds and the people who conducted those studies would have to say about the fact that when my eye was red last week I used whole foods and Limu , not to mention water and my eye was 100% improved in 24 hours. Or, how would they be able to prove that my son's terrible, debilitating, recurring infections could not be managed by antibiotics but whole foods and vitamin supplements as well as good water eliminated all signs of infection very quickly? When Big Pharma's toxic substances gave us fits with horrible side effects and no cure how does that determine that vitamins and minerals are of no consequence?

I have NO CLUE who paid for these studies that make these claims but I have a funny feeling in my gut that if one were to follow the money the facts would show what we all suspect: IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL AND GREED.

Hey, headlines like those in the newspapers grab readers. They must do whatever they must do. It's a free country and if you want to spend your hard earned money to take antibiotics and yield to yeast infections, that is most certainly up to you. If you want to cave in to the fearmongering and take flu shots, that's entirely your choice.

I'll be honest with you, though. I'm going to continue eating whole foods, taking and drinking whole foods supplements, drinking great water and thinking good and loving thoughts. Sidebar: That means I won't give a thought to Big Medicine, Big Pharma and all those negative side effects; mustn't give them any of my energy. End Sidebar.

I dearly hope you understand how precious your good health is. Please don't pay any mind to those silly headlines because they simply are not true.

I have NOT been duped! And don't YOU get duped, either. I would love to invite you to learn the truth about vitamins and minerals, particularly Fucoidan, for example. Please visit .
Connie Baum

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