Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can You ACE It?

Wherever people gather the conversation turns to matters of health. One had surgery, another has an appointment, someone else had to see a specialist. I overheard an exchange today that stuck in my craw: "Well, at least the doctor ordered an antibiotic so that should take care of it."

Oh, contraire, mon sherie! Get a load of THIS: Since antibiotics are the acidic waste products from fermentation they have never really been proven to be efficacious! Antibiotics DO NOT KILL bacteria; they are simply an acidic by-product of fermentation, which is nothing more than yeast and sugar. Jeepers! We might have that in our fridge! This explains why my kid wound up with yeast infections before his mom got wise to the games of the medical establishment. Really, what takes place when antibiotics are administered is that the antibiotics cause bacteria to transform from one form into another form.

Incidentally, Dr. Robert O. Young, my new best friend, is the one who made this information available. I hasten to mention this, lest you think I made it up.

If you DO have an infection, please remember that the body heals itself and you can assist the process by "ACE-ing" it. By that, I mean that if you take vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E diligently you will provide the tools the body needs to deal with illness effectively.

And you won't create a yeast infection!

Like any good mother, I also remind you to drink your Water !

Connie Baum

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  1. Connie,
    You are fulfilling your MISSION!

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