Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Book Lovers Club Makes the News!

Shutter Island
Here are our Book Lovers Club members from Tecumseh, Nebraska, gathered in our hostess' Marge Barden's sun room.  She is surrounded by Gena Jeffrey; Susie Kerner, our City Librarian; Bert Janney; and Mother Connie.  On the back row: Judy Coe and Lois Pietzyk, Club President.  The special occasion was the presentation to the City Library of a reading lamp to honor the memory of our deceased members.

We held our business meeting, reviewed our book choices and had a lively discussion about current events, and our President delighted us by sprinkling jokes throughout our meeting.  The school teacher in her emerges as she makes the meetings great fun and keeps things moving!

Before the basket of popcorn was empty we were favored with a visit from our local librarian, who was so kind as to favor us with a review of the Dennis Lahane book,  "Shutter Island".

We are delighted to find her review of the thriller in our local weekly newspaper today, also, but we'll have to order the book or find it in the library if we are to learn the ending. Susie has also cordially invited everyone to visit the library to discuss those end-of-book pages!  

Visitors to the library will also be able to view and enjoy the new reading lamp.  
It's getting to be the time of year, as the days get shorter and chillier, that we yearn to curl up with a book and just BE.

What are YOU reading?  Are you a part of a Book Club?  We'd love to hear about your group. Please feel welcome to make your comment here.  We live for comments!

We also want to recognize Judy Coe for her photography skills and willingness to share!  Thanks, Judy!  We couldn't have done this without your good help!

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  1. Connie:
    What a delight to be able to view the faces that go with the names of your wonderful friends in the book lovers club. Beautiful women full of knowledge and wisdom. I am sure you all will make good use of the lamp that was dedicated to those book lovers who enjoyed the library so! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, Jeffrey!

    Yessir, we hope that lamp will shine a light so people can read and learn and grow.

    It's great to have you stop by and leave your comment. You are welcome any time. Maybe the next time we can have some coffee? OR WATER...

    Mother Connie

  3. Mother Connie and I were high school classmates, and I am so in love with her blog. I never know what to expect from her, but then she was always that way. Fun, caring, authentic and full of spice.
    Being a full-time bibliophile myself I've a book to recommend that just came out in June. Its' UNHINGED by Psychiatirst Daniel Corlat. It gives so much food for thought and for discussion. Wishing I could join you but I live out-of-state. Happy Reading to all of you!

  4. Oh, you anonymous bibliophile, you. Were it not for you, I'd not know what to read next.

    And, were it not for Ma Larson and Gladys Peterson and Mrs. Boentje neither of us would appreciate vocabulary, spelling or grammar the way we do.

    Then there was Bonnie London and Mr. Boesel, who nagged us half to death about our sentence construction and choosing reading material.

    Boy, it's a darned good thing we shared that "fenced in" educational experience, huh?

    Thank yo so much for sharing your comment. Can't wait to find Daniel Corlat's book...we have a mutual friend who is reading an interesting tome herself!

    Mother Connie


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