Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Is This Kosher?

This woman is eating a real apple and she knows it's real because it did not come in a fancy schmancy package that had claims all over it.  Now, it might be such a thing that this beautiful green apple was preserved by being stored under pressure of some sort of gas, but it IS an apple nonetheless and apples are supposed to be good for your teeth, your digestion and make good additions to your diet.  And it appears to be a REAL apple.

It has come to Mother Connie's attention that food is being rebranded and packaged so as to appeal to the youngsters.  It masquerades as junk food!

Is there no end to corporate greed?

Yes, indeed, some sharp rising star in the marketing world has dreamed up this new scheme to get kids to eat baby carrots.

I have lots of issues surrounding this, not the least of which is that baby carrots-while they are sold all over the place in produce departments-are hardly edible!

Here's the deal:
Baby carrots are simply ugly, misshapen carrots that are tumbled and chopped to look all pretty and perfect.  You could say they have been surgically enhanced.

After they look just so, they are given a bath in chemicals that keep them from spoiling.  The slush they then reside in until you use them in your home contains traces of chlorine.  YES, CHLORINE.
And if you don't know it, chlorine is toxic as all get out.

Did you ever buy baby carrots?  Did you notice that they "kept" forever and then they got SLIMY?  YUCK!

My question to you, dear visitor is this: Is it ethical for marketers to pretend snack items are healthy when in fact, they are not?

So, let's suppose some poor, unsuspecting parent goes shopping with their moppet and the little darling, who loves chips and other junk snacks, spies the new packaging.  He begs mommy for the treat.  She wants him to be healthy so she springs for a sack of the stuff.  

BUT, when the kid discovers they are CARROTS and not PUFFY PUFFS he refuses to eat the vegetable, throws a temper tantrum in the store, embarrasses his mom, gets dirty looks from other shoppers...well, it could get really ugly.

Smart mommies and daddies will say to their kidlet, "Mother Connie Sez we shouldn't eat that stuff.  How about some popcorn instead?"

The other thing smart mommies and daddies will do is to check out The Healing Codes.  Those codes will do way more good than repackaged junk food and even more than you might expect.

Connie Baum
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  1. If I want to buy adulterated food knowingly, then it's my choice. But do not jack with something that is healthy, thereby making unhealthy, and try to make me think it is.


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