Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Mother Connie FORGOT...from the Family Reunion

On our last post we discussed the family reunion.

Mother Connie hopes it's not due to old age, but she left out a couple of anecdotes that really deserve to be included.  Hopefully you'll grin when you read them.

One of our cousins' surname is VOCK and is pronounced like CLOCK.  Well over half a century, all her married life, she has struggled to help people understand the name is NOT pronounced VOKE like CLOAK.  She and her husband, Sterling, discussed this annoying situation one day and Sterling came up with this statement, much to all our delight:

"Our name is VOCK like CLOCK.  Not VOKE like cloak!  You put on SOCKS, not SOAKS!  You would not make the effort to tell time from a CLOAK, you'd read a CLOCK.  And that's the truth; that should END the matter!"

This dear cousin had another issue involving names.  Her name is Adeline Vock, pronounced this way: Ad uh LEEN Vock.  She knows a woman in her hometown by the name of Adeline Foss, pronounced as follows: Ad uh LINE Foss.

Here's what happened:  Cousin Adeline took a phone call one day.  It was someone from a doctor's office calling about her doctor's appointment.  But it wasn't HER doctor.  And she was unaware of any appointment.  After a lengthy exchange with both parties thoroughly confused, it finally occurred to our Adeline that the office person had mistakenly called her, having meant to ring the number of Adeline Foss.  

We presume Ms Foss eventually got her doctor's appointment and the care she needed; our family had a good laugh over the error. 

Families wax and wane.  Alas, our family is waning.  We must hang on to all the good memories while we can in order to help us through any bad times.  These memories and watching Adeline tell her stories so entertainingly will warm our hearts until the clan gathers again.  Then we can create different recipes to share, along with delicious memories.

Connie Baum
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  1. Old age??? You?? I have bras your age you silly young one!

  2. Whew! NOW I feel better! Thanks for the UPLIFTING comment, oh bodacious one!

    Mother Connie


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