Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mother Connie Sez Enough With the Eggs Already!

Headlines have been proliferating fear of eggs for days!

The only benefit I note so far in the egg recall debacle is that eggs are currently priced at $.39 a dozen.  This is reason enough for Mother Connie to drag out the soap box and climb up for yet another rant.

Hens have been laying eggs for some long time now and people have been eating them for the duration.  Of course, some ornery youngsters have unadvisedly thrown some at various and sundry targets but those are not the eggs at issue these days.

The Normanator and Mother Connie have been mightily blessed to have a generous supply of eggs from hens cared for by Norm's sister.  These eggs are far superior to any others because of their deep color and integrity, not to mention the delicious flavor after they have been COOKED.  
Because of this bounty, we have remained on the periphery of the current egg-streme situation.

COOKED is the key word.  Good grief!  NOBODY but NOBODY should eat raw eggs!  Didn't everybody's mother tell them that?  Didn't mom slap their hands when they reached for a gob of cooky dough?

I have no clue what the problem was that caused all those eggs to be recalled but I bet a nickel it had to do with eggs that were not properly refrigerated and/or properly cooked.

Did personal responsibility vanish from the planet?  Where on earth has common sense gone?  Seriously, people, this egg thing should be a non issue!

I must also add that if everybody did their job properly we might not be having these long, loud, angry discussions and the egg industry might not have been so riddled with problems.

One solution that's been bandied about is legislation.  Oh, sure, like we don't already have enough laws!  You cannot fix stupid; if there is an issue, DEAL WITH IT.  Maybe we need to retrain employees.  Perhaps non-compliant employees may need to be replaced with workers who are more conscientious.  Laws won't make issues go away. Nor will laws help people to do the right thing for the right reasons!

And while we are on the subject of eggs, I should like to remind you that when ingesting eggs, it is critical to eat the WHOLE egg.  Fancy schmancy high priced egg white omelets are NOT whole foods.  And you KNOW how Mother Connie is about whole foods.  I'm just sayin'...

If people want to be well, the way to do that is to eat well and wisely and that includes properly stored and correctly prepared eggs; get enough rest; drink pure water and plenty of it; move your body; and take your whole foods supplements.  Protect yourselves from electromagnetic frequencies and use The Healing Codes every single day!

OK.  I have vented.  Dear readers, you make wonderful cost effective therapists for me and I deeply appreciate your audience and your tolerance.  It's likely that's what keeps me sane.

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  1. Thank you, F.M. McDonald. Glad you scrambled to come by and liked it well enough to crack open a comment!


    --Mother Connie


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