Monday, September 13, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Can You Give Up Your Ideas About Big Medicine?

Big Medicine is all about power and control.  And it is most assuredly based on lies and deceit.
Recently, during our regular Sunday morning worship hour, our pastor asked us to pray for the many victims who are suffering with cancer.  I know so many individuals who have had this hideous diagnosis; I had not reached the end of my long list as I prayed when Pastor Kathy interrupted the silence to move on.  

The very next day we got a call, informing us that yet another of our close friends had been diagnosed with the awful stuff.
Wherever I look I see adverts for walks and benefits.  I am aware that there are golfing events, bracelets in every color of the rainbow and pink this, that, and the other to promote support for people suffering with a very serious illness.

People I love and admire have opted to undergo the draconian treatments where poison is injected into their frail bodies and/or  the dis-ease is supposedly burned or cut out.   In some cases, we hear that these sufferers were summoned in for more of the same treatments or more diagnostic testing and more hospitalizations.  If their hair falls away, they purchase new hats or scarves and carry on the best way they know how.  When their hair regrows and it appears dark and curly, these patients rejoice that they have found the fountain of youth.  I just cringe and feel like weeping.

What people do not yet understand is that Big Medicine and Big Pharma are in bed together.  One massages the back of the other and they help one another carry the cash to the bank.  Both are consumed with profits and control.  They are all about MANAGING SICK CARE, reaping profits all the while.  Neither has anything whatsoever to do with HEALTH CARE.

Here's the thing:  EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is made up of energy.  The energy of Big Medicine is dark and in my humble opinion, it is evil to the core.  The healing energy of alternative medicines including, but not limited to, Homeopathy, Reiki, Naturopathy, The Healing Codes and prayer is far more efficacious.

Bruce Lipton speaks in his book, "The Biology of Belief" about the critically important nature of our THOUGHTS.  He reiterates that thoughts are things and these are things that can heal.  Yes, it works the other way, too.  Our thoughts can make us very, very sick.  The energy of thoughts works both ways.
Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson have spoken and written extensively about the power of the mind and heart to either create chaos from stress or healing from love and truth.  They do not buy TV ads; they are not splashed on billboards along our streets and highways, but they do make their information readily available.  This blog is but one example of that avenue.

Certainly free will plays a huge role in all this sickness business and healing work.  What GETS me about this issue is this:  WHY, OH WHY, would anyone freely choose sickness and misery and suffering when all they'd have to DO is change the way they THINK?

There is no doubt that getting well and staying well requires change.  Change is hard for people.  Furthermore, we fear what we do not understand.  I do hope people will wake from their slumber and smell the proverbial coffee.
When they are ready, there is every chance they will reach for help and find The Healing Codes.  Until then, I will continue to pray for their well being.  What will YOU do?

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  1. Connie,

    You asked this question, "WHY, OH WHY, would anyone freely choose sickness and misery and suffering when all they'd have to DO is change the way they THINK?"

    As I think about this the idea of the TV came to mind. People sit in front of the TV and what do they see? Advertisements for drugs. Go to your Dr. and get this prescription to make everything well with you. They show they beautiful people in these beautiful setting all healthy.

    There are NO ads for the alternative healing programs. If there were people would know then that they would have choices, that they could actually use their minds to think and choice between one or the other.

    But big Pharma will not let that happen they brainwash people into thinking that if it is not Dr. prescribed then it is bad for their health when just the opposite is the truth.

    When people wake up and start getting fed up with what is being shoved down their throat (literally) then they will be able to see they have choices and they could heal their own bodies by themselves with maybe the help of some superfoods and other alternative therapies.

    Thank you for your post, and I hope that just one of your people will read it and turn their thinking around.


  2. Good point, Renita. Makes me all the more grateful that we do not have TV. It makes people vibrate at a much lower rate and keeps them from thinking critically, if they think at all.

    I hope I live to see the day when people wake from their slumber and reconfigure their ideas about dis-ease management and health care. Since I am only 33, the chances are pretty good!

    The Healing Codes, as you know, are so powerful and so helpful and so available to the common, ordinary family that there will be great demand for that program.

    Thank you very much for your comments and perspective, Renita.

    Mother Connie


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