Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Whaddya MEAN, Ikigai?

Angela Sidlo
Usui Reiki Master Teacher; NSP Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant;
Certified Holistic Aromatherapist
Certified Equine Massage Practitioner at Saddle Mountain Healing Arts

Mother Connie is on a mailing list for a number of interesting and enlightening health related websites and programs.  One of the messages I look forward to opening with glee is one from “News from Saddle Mountain Healing Arts” called “Healing Wisdom Newsletter.”

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that the wise healing artist for this delightful shootin’ match is none other than my own #1 daughter, who has been setting the world on fire since before she arrived on the planet.

But I digress.

One of the topics covered in the most recent issue of the Healing Wisdom Newsletter is IKIGAI.  That’s a Japanese word that translates in English to ‘something important one lives for’ or ‘one’s life purpose’.  It embodies and embraces your reason for being.

Funny that should come up.  Again.  You see, I was treated to a message about Ikigai just the other day.  I was shown a photo of a group of Japanese women, all of whom were past the century mark in age.  The oldest, as I recall was 107.  Every woman in that group had been friends with one another for 97 years!  Isolation was NOT one of their issues, as it can be in the good old USA.  This was because of the effectiveness of Ikigai.

Each woman in this elite group knew at the core of her being WHY she woke up every day.  Each supported the other through many decades.  These women were not isolated; they were bonded and dedicated to one another; they have true quality of life because they are satisfied, not searching.

Most of us don’t wake up one morning, knowing what our ikigai is.  Ikigai requires looking inward, paying close attention to our feelings, our passions and our interests.  Sometimes we have to live life long enough to suffer to be able to identify our purpose, our passion, our path.

Why do YOU wake each day?  To what are you looking forward? What is it that lights your fire?   When you scrutinize your very soul, what is it that feels like a balm to your being?

Mother Connie would really love to have YOU post YOUR comment, telling us what YOUR Ikigai is, if you know it.  Remember, you may post anonymously so there is no need to hold back.

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Please be good to yourselves.  Mother Connie Sez.


  1. I am driven by a desire to help people and change lives for the positive. I awaken each morning knowing I'm one day closer to being with the love of my life. I love working toward our common goals. Those things make me excited to get up each day.

  2. Anita,

    We love that you get up each day, too! Your goals and dreams are noble and we love you madly!

    Mother Connie

  3. For whatever it is worth, I really believe that I was born to be a connector. I've been blessed with many wonderful people in my life who are doing amazing things. I believe the creator put me in contact with people who are for one reason or another meant to come together. Each person has a ministry I believe in their life. Mine is to love deeply, encourage, shine a light on subjects that need to be paid attention to; and, be a conduit for whomever God places in my path. I love my life.

  4. Rainy, Rainy, Rainy...such noble and worthwhile causes.

    How we love you and how thrilled we are that you wake each day.

    We can see that you and Anita are purpose driven and here's hoping we hear from more visitors to learn why THEY wake each day.

    Mother Connie
    PS/WE love your life, as well!

  5. You know me, MC, it's all about the canines and the comedy that's my life.

  6. Yes, you Bodacious Boomer, you. Let's not forget the ART.

    Canines, comedy, and crayons. Add three parts Bodacious, put in a generous amount of curls and VOILA! We have bodaciousness and cuteness all in one!



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