Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How's The Weather?

Wasn't it Mark Twain who said that everybody TALKS about the weather, but nobody DOES anything about it?

While that may be true, there is NO family on earth who TALKS about weather more than the family I married! The first time I heard the voice on the calling end of the phone say, "Well, is it raining there?" before we heard 'hello?' I didn't think much of it. But I soon learned that EVERY phone conversation, no matter who places the call, begins with some question or comment about the weather. SERIOUSLY.

It took a very long time to understand the genesis of this family trait. My beloved groom assured me that it was because the family was involved in farming and they depended heavily on news about the weather. I wasn't so sure that was it...

The entire Baum family is as concerned with weather as I am with health and healing. And people. I began to wonder if each interest had reached a point of obsession...???...I needn't have worried about either issue, but sometimes THAT'S WHAT I DO. my bad

The family compiled a detailed genealogy book and there, big as guffy, was a page in it that explained why these people are so interested in clouds, rain, temperature, and all the rest of it. By the way, there IS no explanation of my fascination with health or healing.

The Baum family came from Germany. Grandma Salomea Baum was a keen weather watcher. This tradition has been passed down, since some of her grandchildren became official weather monitors for the National Weather Bureau. Even the ones who were not official record keepers had journals, chronicling the details of weather on a daily basis. They all kept careful, written records of rainfall, snowfall, temperatures and such like. Grandma Baum would have been so proud.

Here are some of Grandma's "weather sayings":

1. Sun dogs in the east; hard on man and beast.

2. Sun dogs in the west; it is the very best.

3. Wind in the east; hard on man and beast.

4. Wind in the south; the rain's in its mouth

5. Wind in the west; it is the best

6. Rainbow in the morning; sailors, take warning.

7. Strong south wind for three days means rain.

8. If it rains on the night that the moon is full; it will be a hard rain.

9. Whatever the weather is like on the last Friday of the month determines the next month's weather.

10.Wind in the southeast on the first day of spring means a dry summer.

11.If the sun sets behind a cloud bank on Friday night it will rain before Monday morning.

12.Rain on Easter Sunday means rain for seven Sundays.

This gives you a teeny sample of Grandma Baum's wisdom. I'll save the rest for another time or so. Meantime, I hope you will be as wise as Grandma Baum in terms of WEATHERING the stress of this economy and any health issues you may be facing. Most people have aches or pains that can be weather related. Those are the folks who can greatly benefit from The Healing Codes. Pass the word, won't you please? And do remember we wish you well.

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

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