Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can You Hear My Heart?

I just never did get around to growing up. Nontheless, I was invited to be a Sunday School teacher for a pair of 6th graders. This is NOT something I could say 'no' to doing, even though I am the least qualified Sunday School teacher on earth.

These kids went to summer camp the same year I did. I won't tell you how much fun it was because you would not believe me anyway. Let's just say that it was a darned good thing the Fun Police were not patroling Kamp Kaleo that week, or we'd all have been sooo busted...

When we had our first official Sunday School class I asked them what they'd like to DO as a class. They wanted to help the food pantry; they wanted to send greeting cards to members of the congregation; they wanted to send messages to our military, which includes one of our own church family members. They also wanted to do something FUN.

Do tell. Wonder where they ever came up with the notion of FUN?

To that end, I invited them to come to our house and make Poor Man's Cookies, which involve graham crackers and frosting and does not involve ovens or recipes. grin/wink

They were shy at first. They did not think it was "right" for them to stir the frosting. They imagined that would be my job. But when they found out they both could stir and they both were allowed to lick the spoons, the spreaders, and the bowls when they were finished, they suddenly became comfy with the whole thing. As they quickly devoured their cookies, both Lacey and Isaac loosened up and showed their true, dear selves.

They took turns showing me their pages on the net. They showed me their school pages and offered up the info about their being on the honor roll. They talked about their school assignments, their pets, their ideas. During the frosting of the crackers, Isaac asked, "What are we going to do the NEXT time?" SIDEBAR: I hadn't thought of the NEXT time until he brought it up. END SIDEBAR.

As 2008 drew closer to its last hurrah, I inquired about what THEY would like to do "next time". Well, it seems they wanted to involve more than just the three of us. They suggested we might cook something.

That's how it came up that we could have a spaghetti supper for their parents.

Well, I think the Fun Police might have been patrolling in another county because our house shook with laughter the night we all gathered, and no Fun Police came forth.

Lacey's mom made a yummy, gooey salad that could have doubled as a dessert. Isaac's mom brought garlic bread that was out of this world. All I had to do was cook up some spaghetti noodles and make a couple of sauces. SIDEBAR: I made a red meat sauce and a carbonara sauce with bacon and Parmesan cheese. END SIDEBAR.

The Normanator made his famous buttermilk chocolate cake for dessert and we splurged on soda pop. SIDEBAR: This was not about eating for health; it was about a PARTY! END SIDEBAR.

Someone at church asked where on earth Connie and Norm would PUT everybody in their little rental house and they were told 'not to worry; Norm and Connie would find a way'.

Isaac insisted we do muscle testing with a pendulum. That sparked laughter from the kitchen. Lacey giggled, which is just who Lacey is. All the laughing and giggling brought the daddies in from the living room to see what all the noise was about. They got involved in all the demonstrations and the fun. There were stories and jokes and when Isaac's mom told about the chicken that got depressed when the cows were moved we just about rolled on the floor! Then Isaac opened a web site for us to watch and we howled over funny cats and how "Charlie bit me". SIDEBAR: YouTube viewers will understand this inside joke. I can't even begin to explain it. It's a kid thing. END SIDEBAR.

Health is very important to me. Part of being healthy is having rich, rewarding relationships with people who make your heart sing.

Can you hear my heart singing?

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

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