Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Portrait?

The beautiful baby in the baptismal dress is Avery Ryan.
Her maternal grandmother, who fashioned this frock from her own wedding dress, is standing Center Right.
The adorable little boy is Jacob Robert and these are our grandchildren.
Oh, the cute couple on the sofa are our kids.
The seasoned folk standing with proud grins? Those would be the grandparents.
The baptism was performed by Rev. Jim Miller at Trinity Methodist church in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 11, 2009.

We will hold the memories of the sacred ceremony, the bell choir, the children's sermon, even the sermon for the adults-and the family bonding in our hearts forever.

Our kids are parents who can be admired; we hope other families emulate their devotion to those they love best. The in-laws are people we respect and whose company we enjoy. This group of folks is bright and cheery. They are relaxed and hospitable, too.

Indeed, we are blessed.

If the relationships in your life are not as filled with joy as this group's please consult the good folks at The Healing Codes to repair that issue. If you live your life in truth and love you can be just as blessed. Click on these words for more information.


  1. Connie...

    what a beautiful family! It is a lovely photo...and will fill your hearts with memories for years to come. Precious children, parents, and grandparents.

  2. The family is beautiful!
    What a blessing!


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