Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Healing Codes: Loving or Hateful Thoughts?

Al was a young college student. He found the girl he wanted to marry. To his horror, she informed him she 'just wasn’t that into him' and she broke off their engagement. Turns out she had been dating other men in addition to Al.

Brokenhearted, he moped around the campus. Friends of his former fiancé made an effort to console him. He felt betrayed that her friends had known about the other men for a year but never told him until after the break-up.

Al’s response was to offer to submit to a paper cut and let them pour lemon juice into it; he was thoroughly distraught and felt THAT would be less painful than the misery he felt from his situation and the way it had been handled!

Al learned the painful lesson that thoughts are critical to our well being.

It would be good to have a lasso, just like the cowboys use, to collect negative thoughts and tie them up.

Just as an example, let’s analyze thoughts about going to the grocery store.

Let’s suppose for a moment that we need to buy milk. First, we think about the need for milk. Then we consider that it is 5 PM and the traffic to the store and within the store will be terrible. Besides, we remember that we wanted to watch a particular television program at that time. We think perhaps we could let the milk purchase go until the next day. But we realize milk will be important to have at breakfast time…

See how these thoughts unfold?

We could analyze those thoughts: We could tell ourselves things like these: “We should have bought more milk the last time we shopped” or “I can’t ever plan ahead.” We might tell ourselves we are “too lazy to go” or “ashamed to be unprepared.” We think we are “too disorganized” and “we’ll never get organized” or other unrealistic thoughts.

Here’s how to divide those thoughts into one camp or the other: WHO WOULD TELL ME THESE THINGS? Someone who loves me? Or, would it be someone who hates me?
Here is the criterion:
Things said lovingly and in truth come from someone who loves us.

So now we know that pretty much every negative thought can be chalked up to fear and lies!

Next time a negative thought crosses YOUR mind, pay close attention to it. Think about whether it comes from a place of love and truth or from a hideous untruth, borne of lies and deceit.

Living in truth and love will help us all live our best lives, be our best selves and make the world a much more delightful place for everyone everywhere.

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Connie Baum

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