Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Was Prayer the First Energy Medicine?

I have a couple of questions to ask you:
  1. What SHOULD you be doing?
  2. Why aren't you doing that?
The chances are excellent that we all know what we ought to be doing. The reason why we don't? Well, we may not know why. We also may be dismayed because we CANNOT DO whatever it is.

Sir Isaac Newton came up with a few laws that applies to this sort of thing. It was he who first discovered that whatever is in motion continues to be in motion until something comes to stop it. The only thing that interferes with us performing certain acts will be the pain it causes us.

Another of Newton's laws deals with our capability to effect changes. We must have the POWER to change and willpower is NOT on that list! Stanford's Bruce Lipton proved that our beliefs are a million times more powerful than our willpower!

Thirdly, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This accounts for the domino effect when any change takes place.

So you see, if we have an issue in our lives that is causing us grief we will wait until the pain of that issue is unbearable. We will focus on change and the pain will lift, being replaced with pleasure.

Let's use divorce as an example, just to illustrate a point. When someone is unhappy in their marriage, they imagine that by divorcing the spouse life will be perfect. Or they may feel that IF ONLY the spouse would be more subservient the marriage would improve. They may even suppose that if they, themselves, become more subservient, life would be peachy all around.

In the example I just drew for you, all the blame was on the EXTERNAL. The reality is that ALL ISSUES begin INTERNALLY. It has to do with programming. Solomon knew all this 3000 years ago but medical science is just now catching up to that. We tend to believe that our problem is external but if/when we change the focus to the internal problem, we completely change the problem!

When soldiers returned from World War I and bore no scars but were terribly afflicted by the battles they fought we began to understand that injuries do not necessarily show up in the physical plane. But the UNconcious mind can be damaged just as terribly as when flesh is torn by bullets. 95% of all illness can be traced by stress! What could be more stressful that a war-torn battlefield?

Appropriate tools are necessary to do any job. In working with stress, illness, any internal issue we need effective and appropriate tools. Early on in mankind's history, prayer was the first power tool of Energy Medicine. It is without a doubt the best first line of defense for any problem. The second is The Healing Codes. You are encouraged to learn about this easily accessible and efficacious tool right now by visiting this link: The Healing Codes.

Many people have changed their lives by using these tools on a regular basis. When you change a problem and your approach to solving the problem, you create a chain reaction that improves everything quite rapidly.

Raise your hand if you are now ready to do what you know you should be doing!

Connie Baum

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