Sunday, October 25, 2009

Color as a Cost Effective Home Remedy?

When I went to kindergarten I thought it was great fun to use the Crayolas in the coloring can. I loved coloring in the designs our teacher, Miss Williams, provided for us. I never was artistic; oh, how I envied David Barta because he could draw the most perfect, prettiest yellow bananas! I fancy that David Barta became a graphics artist because of his great use of color in kindergarten!

The most profound experience I ever had with color was when I studied Massage Therapy. I was fascinated to learn that any color could be used to change-improve-the energy in the human body.

I bought brightly colored fabric samples and performed kinesiology or muscle tests on my clients to see how color affected them. It was amazing to discover that the color of a wheelchair a person spent time sitting in could adversely affect their body’s strength! It was equally astonishing to see how a different color could improve the person’s strength!

As I studied various Massage Therapy techniques I was delighted to learn about how the notes of the musical scale and the colors of the rainbow resonate at the same rate! Then I discovered that simply by using crayons-OR PRETENDING TO USE CRAYONS-amazing and wonderful things took place!
I’ve collected a few stories about color and how to use it.

My friend, Renita, used a purple headband on the morning when she felt she was not focusing. She reported to me that she was especially productive that day. Another time she was uncomfortable with a headache. She found her purple ribbon and shortly after she put that around her head her headache was history! These things made Renita a firm believer in the use of color with efficacy.

Just the other day Renita’s husband, Jerry, had difficulty with his throat and found swallowing to be a problem. Renita suggested that he use his finger, pretending that it was a light blue crayon. She asked him to stroke downward on his neck to make an imaginary light blue line, which he promptly did. She said the look on his face said it all as he swallowed easily!

Jerry and Renita also like that they did not have to spend a dime for this relief!

I know that if you are still reading this, some of you are rolling your eyes and scoffing. Just because you don’t BELIEVE this to be true, does not make it untrue! It’s not about what you believe; it’s about the energy of color!

When females use color, it’s most effective to begin with the tailbone and work up to the crown of the head. For males, start at the crown and work toward the tailbone.

For simplicity’s sake I offer you an example of how you might use color for a guy’s body:

Forehead: PURPLE
Nose/Mouth: DARK BLUE

Chin to Collar Bone: LIGHT BLUE

Collar Bone: BLUE-GREEN

Chest: GREEN


Low Back: ORANGE

Tailbone: RED

As an example of how to alleviate a man’s low back pain, for instance, you might apply orange. It could be a piece of fabric; you could apply crayon markings, stroking downward; you could even IMAGINE orange color on that area. This is energy healing in its simplest form.

And it doesn’t cost a dime!

Connie Baum

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