Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Traveler? Not So Much

Homebody. That would be me. It's my comfort zone. Even a shopping trip can take me away from my familiar surroundings for too long.

This past week, however, found us at 10,000 feet elevation in the Rocky
Mountain town of Frisco, Colorado, for a motorcycle rally.

No. I am NOT a motorcycle mama. We have Kawasaki owner in our family and I am chairman of his fan club. He enlisted his dad and me to help with the Concourse Owners Group rally and it was a delicious idea we could not resist, distance and elevation notwithstanding.

The mountains are majestic and breathtaking despite the fact that the trees are sick. The pine trees along the way are suffering from Pine Beetle Wilt and nothing will cure this ailment. The only way to get rid of the nasty critters which cause the malady is to burn the trees. Sometimes nature does that; meantime, the pine trees we saw were too spindly to be harvested and too sick to get well. That was grievous to behold.

The Aspen trees were not in their fullness yet--the thin mountain air is too cold for them to mature as they might if they could have had more sunshine. But they did their best to wave to us in the wind as we trekked along the mountain roads. Snow fell softly and quietly from the gray skies and when it landed it looked to me as if Godhad sifted powedered sugar all over the mountain range. It was unspeakably beautiful. It was yet another of those Greeting Cards from God I have told you about in times gone by.

The air was chilly. The cool temps made me ache yearningly for the comfort of my home and the snug coziness of a Far Infra Red sauna! You can see this feature I mention by visiting www.motherconnie.com . This sauna keeps the body alkaline enough to enhance wellness. BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT.

But, homesick or not, I'm game to follow that biker guy to the next rally. After all, the snow kept me from getting a ride on that snazzy bike, even though I had brought along the road gear including a helmet just for the occasion. He owes me!

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