Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day!

Sunday, June 15 will find fathers all over the United States waking up in many settings: there may be crudely made greeting cards from youngsters wanting desperately to please their daddies; or Dad may be on a camping adventure that has to do with tents. Some dads will get luxury gifts from their offspring. At the very least there will be a phone call.

Whatever the scenario those messages will be heartfelt and sincere.

Not everyone has “Hallmark greeting card quality” relationships. There are families who have no fatherly presence through death, broken marriage or armed forces requirements. There are families whose daddy is not the ideal role model. We hope that Fathers Day memories warm the heart or make us grin and giggle. But the harsh reality is that some people struggle with the father/child relationship.

I am honored to work with some absentee fathers who are in prison…I am the sponsor for a Toastmasters Club: They call themselves the LibOrators These are men who have made choices that have taken them away from their families and these guys mourn that loss. They often prepare speeches about their children and they are so proud of their kids. They flash photographs of their sons and daughters; they revel in the visits they are allowed with their children.

On this particular Fathers Day I will think about these guys and their families and I will offer a prayer that these families’ wounds will be healed with love.

Since my own dad has gone on to his Great Reward I will remember the silly gifts I gave him and the great laughs we had and all the love he showered on me and my mother during his lifetime.

I am very blessed that my heart has no need of healing from a less-than-perfect daddy. If I were in need of assistance to mend the dad/daughter relationship I would most assuredly find exactly what is needed in The Healing Codes as found on this website: The heart is the center of our healing and when our hearts are healed, so are our lives. Please look into this. Your entire sphere of influence will be greatly enhanced when you put The Healing Codes into practice.

My precious husband is an exemplary role model. My stepson, who follows in his own father’s footprint, is a phenomenal father. My sons in law personify The Ideal Dad. My grandsons are living the traditions with which they grew up. I wholeheartedly and lovingly wish each of you a very Happy Fathers’ Day!

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  1. Loved every thought and feeling it provoked. What a tribute; I too shall pray for those dads in prison. My dad was an alcoholic for whom I realized was a blessing by time I was eight; I always loved him, but didn't like things he did, but he taught me to have compassion not just with alcolhos but with persons with all different kinds of problems. But by the grace of God go all of us.
    My added wishes for a Happy Father's Day.


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