Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Study in Living

This week I heard the moving story about a woman in Zimbabwe, Africa. She has been a central figure in her part of the world because of her unique ability to network with the locals and help them as they fall ill. She has provided herbs and the recipes for using them effectively and she has befriended her fellow countrymen as she served them.

When she fell gravely ill and was expected to die, her network, which included people from all over the globe, began to pray on her behalf. No one, especially her doctors, expected her to rise from her deathbed.
In fact, this woman DID recover fully with no ill effect from her malady. She recounted her experience:

“I was very sick. My fever raged and I just wanted to sleep. It seemed that I left my body – I could see my body lying on my sickbed – and then I walked down a very long hallway. I could see doors along the hall and I decided to open them. I was curious what might be behind the doors. When I did, I could see many busy people engaged in their tasks. I knew these people. Some were my ancestors and relatives. Others were people I had worked with who had passed on. Each time I opened another door I would see more people I had known on Earth. They all seemed to be very busy, occupied with work that demanded their attention. They did not call to me or speak to me; they did not seem even to notice me or that the doors were open. And then it occurred to me that those people had THEIR work to do and I HAVE MY WORK. I closed the doors, retraced my steps in the long hall and returned to my body. Now I am well enough to do my work again.”

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but that account gave me goose bumps and put tears in my eyes. I found it to be very moving. It seems patently obvious that this woman, through her illness, discovered how to live from her heart.

Each of us has a purpose. I hope you won’t have to become ill to find yours.

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