Saturday, June 21, 2008

Diabetes and Baldness?

I have long been a devotee of Dr. Sherry Rogers. We have most every book she ever authored and the pages are dog eared from referencing them so often. She speaks with the voice of reason and authority.

In her most recent newsletter she discusses Diabetes at length. She reports that over 17 million Americans have Diabetes at this time. An additional 6 million people have Diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed.

These figures do not begin to reflect the vast numbers of people who will eat processed foods that are laced with corn syrup, trans fats, and water permeated with plastics, which will all contribute to the burgeoning epidemic of Diabetes.

Dr. Rogers previously minimized the ways Diabetes could be avoided or its condition improved…her focus was cancer and heart disease because those were the top two killer diseases. But Diabetes is inching up in those stats.

According to USA Today, this country spends more money to manage the
disease of Diabetes than all the monies spent in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the global war on terrorism combined! The costs associated with Diabetes are also much more than the $150 BILLION in damages caused by Hurricane Katrina! As a nation, we are spending as much money to manage Diabetes as we are spending to tend cancer. Cancer does kill twice as many people every year. This one disease, Diabetes, could bankrupt both state and local economies because over 20 million people have Diabetes!

You may be wondering why this epidemic is taking place. The reasons are
myriad. The plasticizers, phthalates, that appear unavoidably in our air, food, and water actually CREATE insulin resistance and Diabetes. Not only that, but the processing of foods strips them of minerals such as zinc, vanadium, chromium, selenium, as well as the essential fatty acids as found in cod liver oil, EPA, and DHA.

These elements are all critical for protecting against Diabetes and, even more critical, for healing it.

One of the amazing elements that assists the body in dealing with Diabetes is plain old Vitamin D. That is plentiful this time of year. And, unless you spend too much time under Ole Sol, there are no negative side effects, as with prescription drugs.

The obvious ways of dealing with this draconian condition is diet, exercise, weight loss and no smoking. Beyond that, there is much to be done to prevent the rapid progression of accelerated aging, heart attacks, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, poor circulation resulting in amputations, impotence, and infections.

Dr. Rogers proceeds to a detailed explanation of the function of the pancreas in Type I and Type II Diabetes and how those differ. She has recommendations for treating both types. Those recommendations have to do with NUTRIENTS, not drugs.

One of the best nutrients I have ever known is something that changed my
experience with the way my own body manages my blood sugar. I was not
diagnosed with Diabetes but I was "in that zone" when I discovered that by ingesting two fruit capsules with my breakfast and two veggie caps with my dinner I absolutely avoided food cravings and hunger pangs between all my meals!

These are not just any old products. These are the BioPro BioProduce
capsules that I intend never to be without for the rest of my days. They have been prepared in such a way that they do not create a spike in blood sugar but the components in them harmonize the body functions so my body can utilize them fully. My cells seem to smile when they are present.

The method for doing this process can’t be told. The manufacturer told a
group of us that if he told, he’d have to do us in! But we DO know that these gems have been imprinted with Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) so they not only heighten my energy level but they also protect my every cell from the poison known as Electropollution or Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). Since this is no drug, there are no negative side effects. Just glowing good health, anti-aging, and protection
from all that bad stuff.

Do you have all the energy and bounce you’d like to have in YOUR step?
Do you struggle with having the time to shop, prep and eat properly?
Do you worry about the damage Electropollution is doing to YOU?

Maybe it’s time for you to check out and click
on the link on the right side of the page: BioPro. Order a twin pak of the
BioProduce. Take 2 fruit caps in the morning with your breakfast. Take 2
veggies at dinnertime. See if you put a spring into YOUR step, improve your energy level, and a twinkle in your eye.

Golly. I know a bald guy who started to use BioProduce and I’ll be darned
if he didn’t grow a headful of hair! That strategy did not work for my Norman, but you never know until you try!

Hm, I wonder what Dr. Rogers has to say about balding...

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  1. Connie,

    Fantastic, your writing alone gave me energy let alone the BioProduce. Keep up the great work and think about what I shared with you this morning.



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