Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Bananas, like everything including milk, gasoline, and utilities have soared in price. That's why I was delighted to find a bargain bag full of the delicious snack at our local market.

But today I learned HOW to PEEL a banana! How could I get to be this old and not have learned that primates peel theirs from the BOTTOM to the TOP? That's a good way to avoid the stringy things that are so annoying!

I also learned that you must SEPARATE your banana bunch when you bring them home. If they are connected at the stem, they ripen faster.

These lessons came to me via my email network! Hooray for the internet!

Well, at least I knew not to refrigerate them. They do freeze beautifully, though. I have put them into the freezer with the jackets on and when they come out they can be mashed and added to recipes. I have put the frozen things through a juicer, as well. YUM. Just like ice cream!

Bananas are helpful to the body because they are easily digested and assist the body the way only complex carbohydrates can do. They keep the blood sugar modulated and they offer essential minerals for the muscles.

Did I mention they taste good?

Being well is not hard work. It is fun, tasty, and affordable!

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  1. I learned all kinds of new things! I did know about how to peel it... but didn't know about separating them or that I could freeze them with the jackets on! (I bet that's so they don't get cold!) THANK YOU, Mother Connie for some good common sense stuff I will use! Love you bunches - Anita

  2. Hey Mother Connie,

    Please, love your work.

    Keep it up

  3. Please, want to know about your job. what do you do on internet and how can you take as your job?.

    Thank you.


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