Friday, June 27, 2008

Am I a Designer Yet?

I've always declared I'd prefer having my offspring become hair dressers or designers, rather than doctors or lawyers. That's because I adore having my hair done and one of my passions is caring for our home. That involves pushing furniture around. The way I see it, I could have made a great career in the Moving industry. And I might have taken it to another level: an art form!

My poor family would leave for school, work, a trip to the store and when they returned they nearly did not recognize the house. Someone suggested that might be just the ticket if a husband tip-toed in late and night and tripped, signaling his arrival to the entire household. But that was never my push. My idea was to make the rooms look different, freshen them, spiff them up. Back in the day, there was no money for designers or design elements. Besides, that was long before I had a daughter in law who grew up to be an interior designer. My only alternative was to rearrange the furniture.

I mention this because I have done some major rearranging on! It is recognizable, but only barely. If you are a regular visitor there, you know that we have planned all along to add products and information and that's what's happening now!

The process has been arduous but rewarding and the offerings we display for you are all with your health and well being in mind. Each day you will see things that are critical for good health being added incrementally.

Not to worry; your old favorites are there: The Healing Codes, The Far Infra Red Sauna, the remedies for mole removal and tinnitus. Now you can view some kitchenware and more items are on their way. Your links to Limu and BioPro are intact so you can order those things online if you seek enhanced health, rosy cheeks and a spring in your step!

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Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get the living room furniture where I want it before my Favorite Husband comes home!

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