Friday, June 20, 2008


If someone says, "Birthday" you will have a picture in your head of what a birthday is. You might "see" a decorated cake in your mind's eye, decked out with candles; you may picture a photo of yourself as a child; you may even see images in yourhead of birthday cards and gifts.

The reason this is so, according to researcher Antonio Damazio, is that the ability to display these images is THOUGHT. In other words, humans think in images. The mind is just like a filing cabinet the size of many skyscrapers. A thought can access a picture or series of pictures in a nanosecond.

In fact, Damazio goes so far as to say that imageless thoughts are impossible! Unless blilnd from birth, human beings are ALWAYS imagistic.

You cannot drive a car, kiss your lover, use a bathroom without a picture having formed in your brain. These images, this programming, takes place before we reach the age of 6, according to Alex Loyd, MD, PhD. And this programming forms our belief system. This belief system is the basis for ALL of what we think, feel, and do for the rest of our days!

Biologist Bruce Lipton says that our body is a camera. The environment is the signal and the lens of the camera is our eyes. The information is translated into images - pictures - and this is the program. These images are stored in our cells. When we are being chased by a bear, the images are called up and cue us to flee. When we win a golf tournament those same cells call for the oxytosin to help us to celebrate. It is our beliefs, real or imagined, that determine which images to present.

Pictures are the Universal Language. If you visit a foreign country this will be made clear. These images are the language of our BEING.
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