Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have You Heard...?

I freely admit that yesterday Mother Connie ranted and raved about flu shots.

Maybe there is something in the ethers, because today I found something sitting in my Inbox which speaks to the very same topic of my rant:

was the headline. I went on to read the article and learned that last year's record was not so hot: 50% of the injections were ineffective. This came, by the way, from a place called "Vitamin Research Products," an entity promoting healthy aging.
The article went on to say that side effects were a serious issue, as well.
What Big Pharma and Big Medicine do not appreciate is that the human body heals itself. Healing takes place from the TOP DOWN, the INSIDE OUT, from LEFT to RIGHT and from the PRESENT to the PAST.
You may remember the story I related about Jerry, whose healing process caused him grief, for which he "credited" me. I was only the facilitator. His body did the honor of detoxifying so Jerry could heal.
As the body heals itself the head will be the first to find relief. (TOP DOWN)
The body excuses the waste. (INSIDE OUT) The LEFT SIDE is more likely to find comfort before the RIGHT SIDE. It is very possible to dream wild dreams, have memories pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, and encounter people you have not seen in eons. (PRESENT TO PAST)
This is the reality of healing. The body does not heal because of Big Pharma and their high priced, toxic concoctions. The body does not heal because Big Medicine writes permission slips to send to Big Pharma.
It is crucial to support the immune system. It is our responsibility! By drinking good, clean, Water that is loaded with antioxidants, by eating plenty of raw vegetables and fruits, by supplementing our diets with whole foods nutrition, getting adequate rest, exercise and thinking good thoughts will offer far more benefits than any old shot! Besides, drinking 2 oz of Limu morning and night is the least painful way to beef up your health.
Beyond the suggestions I have described on this post and in order for you to be truly well from your heart, I would also direct you, with love and in truth, to The Healing Codes !
Connie Baum

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