Friday, October 10, 2008

Broccoli, Anyone?

Oh, the news about broccoli is going to make your mother so happy! She may say, "I told you so!" but that's okay. The news should please everybody.

The prestigious Johns Hopkins University has learned that the dark green cruciferous my be helpful in dealing with chronic lung diseases.

Now, your mother may not have been a researcher at Johns Hopkins, but she did chide you about eating your veggies, I am sure. That's a mother's JOB, after all.

The report I read had a whole lot of big medical words and letters. I wondered as I read it if I might be looking at jargon or code! At any rate, studies have linked chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD, and improvement in the condition when broccoli is used in the diet.

I can just hear the gears in your brain shifting right now. You are already stressing over what to DO with broccoli. Not to worry. I have the answer to that for you. The Dinner Diva will be too happy to come to your rescue in that department!

Leanne Ely never lacks for ideas when it comes to food. Whether you are looking for economical ways to use broccoli or any other food, for that matter, Saving Dinner stands ready to assist you.

The mother in me wants to remind you that raw vegetables have the most enzymes and nutrition. I have some broccoli beside me as I write this and I am enjoying little florets dipped in hummus. How fast and easy to prepare! How economical and delicious it is!

It's no wonder I'm healthy! Here's hoping my own mom would be proud to know I listened to her. So would The Dinner Diva, I think.

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