Friday, October 3, 2008

Perceptions of the Heart

Kayla had an issue with money that made her feel fear, rage, resentment and those negative feelings were 'registered' in her life, her body, and her sense of lack.

Dr. Alex Loyd asked Kayla to recall a childhood memory and see if those feelings could appear again in her mind's eye. He asked her to visualize the memory.

Almost without hesitation, Kayla was transported in her mind to the time when she was five years old. She was at the top of the stairs, having a tantrum and her dad went out of the door on his way to work. She also remembered a time when she had swallowed 2 pennies. To retrieve them, her father had held her by her heels and shaken her.

On a scale of 1 - 10 Kayla reported feeling that as a 5 year old child, her misery was 'in her throat' and her fear number was 10.

Dr. Loyd asked Kayla to visualize that scene again but this time, he requested that Kayla be taken OUT of the picture and become merely an observer. Had Kayla needed support, she could have asked for Divine Assistance, or for someone who loves her to be with her. Kayla felt strong enough to go it alone. As an ADULT, Kayla felt the stress of this scene in her right shoulder, neck and abdomen. As a 5 year old, Kayla noticed the agony in her forehead and temple.

"Ask that 5 year old Kayla what it is she needs to feel okay," coached Dr. Loyd. "Tell 5 year old Kayla that you want to help her. Hold her hand and remind her she is not alone." Dr. Loyd continued..."Now, give little Kayla a kiss and a hug and reassure her that her daddy will come home tonight."

After a moment, Dr. Loyd asked, "Kayla, look through little Kayla's eyes and see if you can find the UNTRUTH in this scene. "I am asking you to find the 'therefore' you have believed all these years that is a false belief, an untruth."

The untruth that Kayla was able to perceive: "They don't love me if they leave me without a kiss and a hug."

Gently, Dr. Loyd pressed on. "Big Kayla knows in her intellect that this is not true, so hold little Kayla's hand and look into her eyes. Tell her that you won't leave. Be sure little Kayla believes this as truth. See if you can help little Kayla to know that her belief has been a lie and that believing that lie is hurting her. Remind her that little Kayla is loved and she is important and has value."

Big Kayla took a deep breath. JUST THAT QUICKLY, Kayla noted that her stress and pain in her body had been eliminated and she felt relaxed!

Dr. Loyd suggested that Kayla repeat this exercise as many times as she might choose on a daily basis in order to reprogram her wounded heart and live without stress. I suspect her financial picture will brighten, as well.

Kayla was open to change. She seemed to have a high percentage of ability to work with her image making apparatus. Dr. Loyd offers that you and I can do this ourselves as often as we like. We need to see the picture of a memory in our mind's eye, note the emotional component we FEEL IN OUR BODY and write them down.

If we confront our truth in love, identify the "therefore" or wrong interpretation, the result is that the negative emotions just go away.

I will warn you, though: Expect to yawn. Yawning is a healing response!

For more information regarding confronting your truth in love, please click here:
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and listen carefully to the stories of all those who have experienced finding the "therefores" and have experienced the joy of changing the perceptions of their hearts!

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  1. Thank you, Mother Connie, You've helped me figure something out that I've been trying to change. At least I can come to terms with why I have this in my life.... and wow. the yawning.... I JUST told Wolfie yesterday that there was something weird going on because when I lay down I yawn for about a half hour - I can't quit yawning! And here is the answer. As Dyer says "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Thanks, teacher!


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