Monday, October 20, 2008

What Is There To EAT?

I'm no different from you. I like to take the easy road. Doesn't everybody? But when the family wants to know what is there to eat, well, I'm just glad I have a plan: and you owe it to yourself to click on her site and see what all is there.

Leanne Ely has become my new bff - best friend forever. "Why?", you ask... Well, because she has taken all the heavy lifting out of food preparation. She is the next best thing to having a sous chef in your very own kitchen!

This Wonder Woman of Culinary Craft popped up while I surfed the net, looking for anything that would make home care better for my family. She was 'living' on one of the pages of Maria Cilley's "FlyLady" website. There were generous offerings about how to stretch an ole dead chicken, easy ideas for nutritional, low cost fare for anyone's dinner table. I was intrigued...and hooked on Leanne's easy ways in the kitchen.

Her own website is chock full of how-to videos, recipes, menu plans, tips and ideas. Her ad appears on this page. You can click on that banner or you can click on any of the underlined blue print on this page. Your family may not clamor for every single idea she has there but if you only find one or two gems, you'll feel as if you've won the lottery!

Whether you are wrestling with the daily care and feeding of a brood or if you are just another foodie you will have a good experience by clicking here and visiting The Dinner Diva!

Connie Baum

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