Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Care For A Drink?

We all know by now that water is basic to life. I've mentioned to you that our bodies are made of it and you no doubt recall the doctor who alleviated his patients ulcer misery by simply using water. We understand that hydration is not important; it is critical... ...but did you know that WATER CAN READ?

This is fascinating to me. Dr. Masuru Emoto did great work in the study of water by freezing water and photographing the crystals. Water that had been exposed to the word 'love' froze into beautiful designs. Water that had been exposed to words like 'hate' or 'ugly' froze into hideous misshapen forms! Entire lakes that had been the location for prayer sessions and meditations had particular beauty in the formation of the crystals.

The lesson I took from this is that I can pour a glass of water and place it on a paper with any word I like: love or abundance or forgiveness-whatever my situation dictates. The water READS the word or message and as I drink the water, I am taking in that quality.

I can hear the skeptics: "How can you PROVE that?" My response: "Easily and quickly!" It is possible to test by using kinesiology. If you test the strength of muslces prior to using the water and again after using the water there will be a noticeable difference. The energy in the water affects the strength of the muscles.

Quite obviously, it's good for us to ingest high quality water. If you drink good, clean water that is loaded with anti-oxidants, it is possible for all the mineral content to permeate the cells of your body. This enhances your well being immensely. Such a unit can be had from High Tech Health . The unit they have will even strengthen your immune system.

As my mother always advised, "Drink your water!" My challenge to you is to write something positive for your water glass to rest on. It will be interesting to know how that affects you. Those effects will be subtle; they won't jump up and wave at you, but you should notice an overall improvement in the way you feel, the quality of your sleep, and even in the way your skin appears.

I mean it when I say, "I wish you well."

High Tech Health

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