Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Takes YOU Out of the Game?

When some event occurs in our lives that takes the wind out of our sails, we are not likely to stop and analyze “What just took me out of the game?” It makes no difference whether we have a relationship crisis, missed a business opportunity, or just suffer from the issues of people living their lives. For any event that takes us out of the game, we would be wise to STOP and ask ourselves a few pertinent questions, ‘post mortem’, if you will.

Jack Canfield wrote about this in his book, “Hearts at Work”. He suggested that it’s important to get to the root of the problem of events that take us out of our game. Author Canfield offers us the following EQUATION regarding the events that affect us adversely:

E + R = O
represents “Events”
stands for "Reactive Response"
means "Outcome"

This formula never varies. It is ALWAYS correct. Our response is the only variable. Whenever an event in our life occurs, we react with a response. The outcome is the result of our response to any event.

To give you an example, let’s look at the economy. Try as we might, we are unable to control the events surrounding the ups and downs of the stock market. No matter what response we may have, there is no changing the Federal Reserve’s interest rate. These are EXTERNAL events. Our RESPONSE has to do with our attitude, our life experiences, the pictures made by our hearts and sent to our brain.

The same is true for INTERNAL events. When we are tempted to cheat or lie, those are internal responses to events we experience. Our reaction, our response is entirely from within.

To achieve an optimum outcome, we must look closely at our response. How did we react? If we don’t like the results of the event, something is NOT working for us. That reminds me of Dr. Phil’s famous question, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

These ideas are the stuff of the real world. These are notions of the NOW. Dealing with our responses and fine tuning them takes great energy. Energy Medicine is an extremely useful tool in managing our reaction responses to life's external and internal issues.

Please stay tuned. You can look forward in days to come to getting a “Do It Yourself Kit” for dealing with events that take you out of your game.

For more information about what it is that takes you out of your game, or keeps you from playing your A Game, please visist and look for items authored by your humble blogger.

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