Monday, October 6, 2008

Eat Your Vegetables!

Here's news you can use: Baby carrots are not good for you.

I know, I know, my mother told me the same thing your mothers told you: that carrots are good for you.

Not baby carrots.

Those cute little carrots in the handy packs that feature easy-to-use veggies are not what they seem to be. While they appear to be small carrots, in reality they are really crooked or deformed root veggies that are crammed into a machine that shapes them into "COCKTAIL CARROTS" or "DESIGNER CARROTS". Sidebar: Who makes UP these fancy names? End Sidebar.

That's not the worst of it. Here is the really bad news: After the machine gets the carrots to look just so---they are dunked into a bath of water and chlorine. The chlorine is, ostensibly, to preserve them. Remember, these pieces have been skinned, so they are even more receptive to the toxic dose of chlorine.

Chlorine is a highly poisonous agent. It is a known carcinogen.

If you have ever bought these little goodies you know that they get a white film on them after sitting in your fridge for a few days. This is the chlorine oozing out! YUCK!

We ingest vegetables to maintain our good health. Knowing that baby carrots are not really what they appear to be, from now on, we will all be wise to choose from the selection on the produce counters of organic carrots, if we do not grow our own products. That will be the surest way of saving our well being and Saving Dinner !

For more information about clever ways to provide health enhancing, nourishing, interesting meals for your family please look at The Dinner Diva's website: Saving Dinner .

And, please, DO eat your vegetables!

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