Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are YOU a Flowering Tree?

You've read about "my guys" who make up the Toastmasters Club at our local state prison. I am honored to be their Sponsor so every Monday I am treated to speeches about varied and interesting topics.

One of my favorite speakers is a highly accomplished member of the Mohawk tribe from New York. His presentation last night moved the group and his evaluator had no enviable task in finding ways for Wolfie to improve his technique.

Wolfie often draws upon his Indian Traditions and last night was no exception.

He drew a shape on the white board which resembled the letter Y. He indicated that the Y represented a tree, and he drew a line to show the earth and roots of this tree.

He used his 7 minutes wisely in sharing about the DUALITY of the Universe. He used several examples of opposites: men/women; hot/cold; black/white and urged the audience to find the commonality in each example. He wrote 'men' on one side of the Y, 'women' on the other. The common denominator for each example was HARMONY.

He explained the lessons of his heritage with passion and gusto. He remided us that the Keys to the Kingdom lie within that harmony. The harmony of RELATIONSHIPS, THOUGHTS/FEELINGS, and ACTIONS. He talked about how all things come from one Source. We may refer to that Source as God, Creator, Allah, whatever name we choose.

Wolfie went into great detail about keeping our minds, our thoughts and feelings, our words, and our actions in alignment. He admonished us to behave with love and take actions for goodness.

As he spoke, he drew some cartoon-like circles on both arms of the Y. They were meant to be flowers. He offered to us that if we keep our heads, hearts, words and actions in line with what the Creator would have for us we could own the keys to the kingdom! We could all become Flowering Trees!

The whole room was silent and motionless until he finished. Then they erupted in applause for this welcome message, filled with hope and love. These guys respect Wolfie. They were glad to be enriched by his eloquent words, offered from a favored Leader, a Teacher, and Healer.

As he returned to his desk I was struck by the fact that Wolfie had articulated what I have learned from my association with The Healing Codes. Live in harmony. Do all that you do in truth and with love. Think and feel in postive ways to feel the harmony that your Creator offers. Truth is very simple.

I hope you will see for yourself that the Truth, just the way Wolfie described it, can be found in The Healing Codes !

Connie Baum


  1. This is a good way to choose to live a life. Good advice...thanks for sharing it!

  2. I am very impressed, this was very much in depth of the thought and creative process. I would be interested knowing more about this gentleman. His presentation was not a quick fix and lack of thought. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wolfie is truly a leader, teacher, and healer in the perfect place at the perfect time, and so is Mother Connie. God bless you both.

    With love & light and admiration, Sheila Davis

  4. Wolfie IS the real deal. He's what's really goin' on! thanks, Connie, for sharing his wisdom - and you can read more at www.mirroredwindows.com!


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