Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Was I Eavesdropping?

The conversation was so loud I could not help overhearing it...the young blond woman with a stick figure went on at length, describing her lunch.

"Oh, I was so concerned about the fat content that I used the low fat cheese and if I use the low calorie, low fat bread I could have a grilled cheese sandwich!" she gushed. She continued her monologue, " I only use the low sodium, low fat canned soups so that way I can stay within my Weight Watcher points..."

Someone opened a discussion with the dimunutive-size 0-young blond about the good fat content of nuts, which sparked a whole new monologue about cholesterol...

The conversation trailed on but in my head I had moved on to other issues.

I guess I was the only one in that room who understands the critical nature of REAL FOOD, WHOLE FOOD, RAW FOOD. I also guess that crowd wasn't really open to the idea. And I am sure none of those folks had seen these headlines:

Raw Broccoli, Cabbage Slash Bladder Cancer Risk by 40 Percent; Cooking Destroys Benefits

Vegetables May Reduce Hardening of Arteries

Availability of fruits and vegetables improves eating behavior of schoolkids

Americans still not eating enough fruits and vegetables
On reflection, I might have suggested to this little person some super snack ideas: I could have offered her the idea of carrying a hard cooked egg in her lunch bag so when lunch was over and supper is a long way off she might get in a little protein. Maybe she never thought of slicing an apple, sprinkling a pinch of salt to keep it from darkening and sealing it into a plastic container. She's probably sick and tired of eating carrot and celery sticks. Maybe she could mix it up with colorful slices of red and green peppers or napa cabbage for dipping into some hummus? Those travel well. I may have been remiss in mentioning to her that she might enjoy packing her lunch with a few crunchy slices of pickle or an olive or two...maybe she'd like fresh slices of mushrooms with a touch of guacamole? I probably missed an opportunity to educate someone...my bad

Actually, it seems to me that the people of this nation have been programmed to believe that if it is in a box or bottle or can on a store shelf and they have the cash to buy it , it must be all right to consume. All this flap about low fat, low sodium, low calorie and no sugar gets me crazy! It is hard to resist the tempation to rant and rave.

But I'll show great restraint. I'll keep my pie hole shut and point my beloved, health-seeking readers to good places to find real assistance when it comes to eating well and being well. Here are a couple of my favorite people:
These experts are in the know about health and good food. I am proud to represent them on the world wide web because they both understand the importance of eating well. Please, won't you do yourself a favor by visiting these sites and taking their information to heart, and to your food table?
Connie Baum

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