Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can We Just Get Our Priorities Straight?

It's that time of year: There is an awful lot of hype in the media, on bulletin boards everywhere, and in clinics across the country about getting flu shots.

I suppose there is a school of thought that espouses the notion that flu shots will prevent people from getting the flu.

I have MUCH better solutions for avoiding the flu.

The way I see it, we need to take responsibility for our own well being and that includes keeping our immune system supported and healthy and strong and vibrant. As we age, that immunity diminishes. That gives me all the more reason to take action to prevent illness.

Support for the body's immune system is not only important but it is amazingly easy, and you won't have to dip into your trust fund to make it happen. Drink plenty of good, clean, pure, healthy
Water , for starters. Eat an abundant amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, including the peelings, as much as possible. Get enough sleep. Take power naps, if you must; you deserve to be rested. There are mushroom formulas that enhance immunity, there is a plethora of supplements available. You can buy bottles of liquid minerals, you can purchase homeopathic cell salts (sometimes referred to as biochemical tissue salts) for very little money and you CAN avoid the flu without injecting toxicity into your cells!

Moving your body regularly can serve your immunity very well. Aging decreases vitality but exercise can increase your well being in every way.

Keep your life, your blood, your body as clean as a whistle. Dry brush your skin. Deep breathe. Detoxify. Dr. Sherry Rogers admonishes us to "DETOXIFY OR DIE" and it's true. The more junk we ingest, the more junky thoughts we have, the more junky air we breathe, the worse we will feel and the more "heart junk" -Dr. Alex Loyd's term- we will accumulate.

Keep your immune system in check by making sure there is a balance between what goes INTO your body and WHAT COMES OUT. It is wise to have good fiber in your diet by using raw foods, peelings and all. Using your body by moving about will help elimination, as will drinking good water. I am reminded of this truism: "Cold water constipates. Warm water lubricates. Hot water eliminates." Keeping your immune system up to par is key to your good health and well being.

Avoid electromagnetic exposure like the plague: microwave ovens produce foods that are altered and not good for human consumption. This compromises your immunity!

Also not good for human health are all the prescription drugs that the American public has come to demand. Every presciption carries with it side effects and none of those side effects enhances anyone's health. This would include flu shots.

OK, I admit I have probably told you way more than you wanted to know and you may not have found the remedies you seek. Hang with me, boys and girls. On these posts you will find many ways to avoid the plague of the flu bug and other health disasters. I pledge to you that I will assist you in reordering your priorities, starting with good, clean, healthy, pure Water !

Connie Baum

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  1. Great post. I did get a flu shot this year. I have gotten them every year. My immune system is in the toilet.

    I appreciated the info on water. I have been drinking room temperature and warm water for years since my chiropractor told me too and I think it has helped me.

    I am working to reduce my medication. It is not only so expensive but every pill has a side effect and the beat goes on.

    Thanks again.
    Susan Bonfiglio


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