Saturday, October 4, 2008

`Run, Run, Run!

ANOTHER of those pesky emails arrived again! I refer to the messages that tell you there is to be a marvelous event to raise money for one of the many diseases for which they are close to finding a cure! They want you to run or walk or stay up all night and, oh, by the way, bring your cash. And, while you are at it, please bring 200 of your closest friends AND THEIR MONEY!

Now, I have BEEN to suppers and auctions and other events that were held because someone had a catastrophic illness and could not begin to pay the costs of being so sick...I do have empathy for people who are in such a pickle...but I'm here to tell you that the approach taken by Big Medicine and Big Pharma is all backwards and inherently WRONG.

People do not hurt because they lack ibuprofin in their system. They do not become ill from not having enough pharmaceuticals in their bodies. They do not become well simply because someone cut their body open...

We do not become ill in our bodies UNLESS and UNTIL we have thoughts and feelings that do not match the truth that is in our hearts. I suspect you may perceive this as too simplistic an idea. It IS simple, this matter of being, getting, staying well.

Energy Medicine is one tool that is highly effective in managing your health.

Let's talk about your TEETH, for example. If you eat some chocolate, you might have residue from the sugary frosting on your teeth. Could you clear this residue away by using a hair dryer to clean it off? Of course not! You would use your toothbrush. You might even use one of those high powered electric jobbies. You might floss. You might even rinse your mouth with a mouthwash or plain ole water! These are tools to clean your teeth.

What are some of the tools to use in Energy Medicine?

Prayer * Meditation * The Healing Codes

These are powerful tools. They assist us in pulling the heart junk out of our hearts. They help us to create images with truth in love that assist in healing from deep inside ourselves. It is important, no, CRITICAL, for us to get out of our own way and let our Creator heal the issues we face. Energetically. In truth and love.

For me, the issue is crystal clear. I might run for the proper tool. I will pray for those who are ill or in misery. I shall make every effort to rid my heart of the junk as best I can as often as I can. But I'll be dipped in dew before I'll support Big Medicine and Big Pharma.

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